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Saturday, 08.20.2016, 10:20
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The Postbank abolishes the toll-free checking account for a majority of their clients. Many will now look for other options. FOCUS Online shows how fees and options they need to consider when choosing the current account

Where can I withdraw money -. And what does it cost?

For most bank customers is important, how easily they get cash. Therefore, take a look at how many ATMs authority running the Institute and where. Some banks cooperate with competitors, so that even when the machine a free withdrawal is possible. The most important of these mergers are the machines of the Cash Group (private banks). At the competition organization cash pool Raiffeisen banks, as well as German subsidiaries of foreign banks like Santander are predominantly involved.

Sometimes customers also have the option, regardless of the operator free to draw money from the credit card as at ING Diba

What is important here is the cost to calculate exactly. If in your residence only a Volksbank and you have an account at the Sparkasse could cost each payment at the vending machine between 3.95 euros and seven euro.

What does it cost to pay abroad?

If you’re traveling often abroad, will stay there liquid. Consumers should ask whether they need such an option for free withdrawing money and what charges are there due to the use of current or credit card.

Want a consultation at the counter?

consumers should decide before the account change if them is important the service at a bank branch. If so, direct banks are not a good choice because they do not engage in branch network and only online or by phone can be reached. Accordingly, it does not give the possibility to withdraw the switch money or make a paper transfer.

eighth Whereupon the free checking account?

Still offers a wide range of banks toll free checking accounts. However for most conditions apply; about a monthly cash receipt at a certain height. Postbank has raised this limit to just 3000 euros. There are free accounts for specific population groups, such as young people, apprentices and students.

Customers should check which services includes a royalty free account exactly. Indeed, there are, for example, online accounts where telephone banking and other services outside the Internet cost something. Even if no account maintenance fees are due, collect some banks annual fees on checking accounts or credit cards. The sending of account statements by mail or paper transfers costs are extra.

What are the Dispo interest?

Just recently the Foundation found Warentest that many banks still demand high Dispo interest, although the interest rate level has dropped. Who tends to overdraw his account, should look carefully here.

Check for new customers your bonus

Who discovered several checking accounts that fit well to him, should see if the Bank offers a Bonus. Here are some of 100 euros and more than welcome money in it

In the video:. Dispo interest adé: These tips never pull back your account

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