Saturday, August 20, 2016

Hartz IV: Unemployment benefit recipients are to be examined more closely – ZEIT ONLINE

budgets of Hartz IV recipients should be monitored intensively in the future. The Federal Employment Agency has all job centers rely in Germany catching recipients of unemployment benefit II (ALG II) in greater detail in view of possible income and assets.

For now should also be checked information of people living with Hartz IV recipients in the same households – but even without benefits. This was reported by the Image newspaper, referring to an internal report, to be delivered in the Journal.

The new rule applies accordingly as for parents of Hartz IV recipient who receive pensions. Your Einkunfts- and asset data to be included in the Clean up the job center with other agencies such as the pension and the Federal Central Tax Office. This will specifically review the information in the future every month and not just quarterly as before.

The stricter control of third parties will considered by the Federal Employment Agency as necessary ” because their income and assets are to be considered under certain conditions when the person who receives benefits, “citing the image from the letter.

Hartz IV, or unemployment benefit II, designed to secure the livelihood of the subscriber fundamentally. Despite the misleading name of the receipt of unemployment benefit is not a condition for to relate the ALG II. Children of to eligible parents can get it, for example. Needy can also get paid in addition to other incomes. Basically that Hartz IV will be paid only when all other options of livelihood have been exhausted, as other social benefits or existing assets. Recipients can improve with the one-euro jobs federally funded their purchases. then perform works that are off the free labor market and additional tasks include, for example in the public sector.

Hartz IV is currently being reformed. In June, the Bundestag had already adopted new laws which granted the benefits in the future for twelve months and accounts should be simplified. The now requires the consent of the Bundesrat.


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