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Yellen vs. Trump: US Central Bank boss with your new President – THE WORLD

Die the most powerful woman in America has made it clear what she thinks of the new most powerful man in the country, and its plans – namely, nothing. In the official Statement from the US Central Bank chair Janet Yellen after the interest rate decision, you made no mention of the announced stimulus program of U.S. President Donald Trump, although the moves for weeks, the markets strong.

And even on repeated demand, at the press conference, did not want to comment on the Fed-Head to the Trump ideas. And yet their skepticism was palpable. Yellen said she would not speculate on a only advertised program. You must see it first, before the Central banker can react to it.

Indirectly, you gave to understand, that it holds Trumps the program for at least questionable. “We need stimulus to get full employment,” she said. The economy would already have been running hot. Any measures that improve the productivity, would the U.S. Economy be of help.

The rate increase in December of 2016, is only the second since 2006

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On a collision course with the new President

These statements as a clear broad side scored. Apparently, Yellen does not trust the nominee for U.S. President on the way. You may not change so that Trump can put his trillion-dollar package at all. From their Statements, to productivity improvements, that it holds Trumps actions are counterproductive, that might assist its patrons, but not the great American Economy.

Almost defiantly, she responded to questions after their term of office. “I have, my full four years. After that, I’ll be re-elected or not." Trump had attacked during the election campaign the Central Bank and its Boss sharp and let on that he will not renew the contract with the current Boss about 2018. He is under Yellen turned again and again to have the interest only so long as low to let the US economy and Barack Obama look good.

all of This has left Yellen, apparently, cold. With your present appearance, you are clearly on a collision course with the new Administration in Washington. Quite often in the story, it came to fight such a power. Ronald Reagan, for example, introduced the then-indomitable Paul Volcker, his political followers to the page. The overruled Volcker a number of times until the passing away of miss. However, the former Fed had raised-in-chief before the interest rates sharply and Reagan, thus, a veritable recession.

A hidden threat for Trump

Yellen announced now a much tougher approach. Since the labour market is now well established solid and the recovery, it is necessary to think about further interest rate increases. After they had raised on Wednesday the rates by 0.25 percentage points to the interest rate band of 0.5 to 0.75 per cent, expects the Fed now, with three increases in the coming year, this is a more than before, and as the markets had priced in. Accordingly, the market reactions were. The interest rates on the bond markets rallied significantly. Shares lost value, the Dow Jones recorded the biggest day loss since two months. In contrast, the Dollar gained strength. Higher interest rates make a currency more attractive and to draw money. The Dollar Index, which tracks currencies, the value development of the most important commercial, shot at the highest value since 2003. The Euro fell again, significantly, in the meantime, even under the brand of 1.05 dollars.

Yellen presented as replaced. She was far more as a monetary policy dove is known, is rather slow and especially loose policy was now clear to researchers. Trumps reasoning that American industry would be jobs like, especially the unfair global trade to the victim, was abgebügelt by Yellen. “In the manufacturing sector a lot of Jobs a long time lost. The technological change has played an important role."

At the end of your presence, the mighty stars, a banker, has held a hidden threat for “their” new President ready. If the situation of the US economy and the financial markets of rival more Norma, could you let the air out of the bloated Central Bank balance sheet. This means nothing less than that Yellen U.S. government bonds, which had been purchased in the past few years, could repel. This would increase the interest rates further, and thus the Trump may be a dash through the bill. Because of the wants to boost with all the Power of the economy. Clearly, rising interest rates, he can’t even be there. May Trump is to get an old doctrine. Don't fight the Fed, don’t place Yourself against the Central Bank.

Fed raises key interest rate by 0.25 percentage points to

The U.S. Federal reserve Bank has raised the key interest rate by 0.25 percentage points. He is now between 0.5 and 0.75 percent. It is the first increase in interest rates by the US Central Bank for a year.

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