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Who will build the new “Air Force One”?: Donald Trump attacked the Boeing n-tv.de NEWS

Tuesday, 06. December 2016

Yet Donald Trump is not a US President. But with a new outburst on Twitter, the real-estate entrepreneur shows now, what is the negotiating style of the US companies in the awarding of state contracts must be set.


The US aircraft manufacturer Boeing has come to the attention of the future US President Donald Trump. Although the group has only recently received the official contract for the construction of a new US President, threatens to Trump now, with the cancellation of the order.

“Boeing builds a brand new 747 Air Force One for future presidents, but the costs are out of control, more than four billion dollars,” tweeted the President-designate, US President. “Cancel the Order!”. When they Arrive at Trump Tower in New York Trump told reporters: “We want Boeing earned a lot of money – but not so much money.” The price was ridiculous.

During the election campaign, the billionaire flew with a private Jet, a Boeing 757, and it was full-bodied with the word “Trump Force One” paint. U.S. media speculated after the Twitter attack on Boeing, and that the New might prefer York real estate Mogul as President, to continue to use his private jet. The Secret Service, in the United States for the protection of the state in charge, is likely to rise, however, however, objections.

construction cost “Top Secret”?

it remained Unclear whether Trump’s Provided with his apparently ill-considered Tweet from a state chats secret. The President machines are custom-made products, which are equipped with extensive special equipment. Including shielded communication electronics to back up the President in case of the full power of command over the armed forces. Technical Details have always been “Top Secret”.

The Pentagon had contracted to Boeing in January with the construction of the new “Air Force One”. However, the Airbus had received rival first one at the beginning of the contract. Thus, a Plan should be drawn up, it was said, of the show, such as the machine on time, within budget with all requirements.

In the case of Boeing, it showed whether the Trump-criticism, initially flummoxed and asked for time to think. Later, the group published an opinion in which the so far, the government has agreed on the contract value for the planning of the new “Air Force One”machines with a $ 170 million (159 million euros). It is first of all a matter of figuring out how the best planes for the President and at the same time, the best Use for the American taxpayers could be achieved, it is said in the Boeing statement.

Symbolic flight readiness

It remained unclear on which sources Trumps price concerns. It is conceivable that the designated US President in the preparations for his office, got in January also insight into the current budget planning for the construction of the new “Air Force One”. The US government had given the financial framework of the programme for the development and construction of the new machines with more than three billion dollars.

The U.S. air force, which in the U.S. traditionally, the flight readiness for the head of state, had announced in January, to the current two “Air Force One”planes through two new 747-8 from Boeing to replace. Exact details of the total costs were not yet known. The US Air Force said recently to have for the two new machines, each of 1.65 billion dollars planned.

“Airbus One” instead of “Air Force One”?

Should fail as a result of the purchase, so the Alternatives have remained. According to estimates by market observers, only Airbus would be for the complex project otherwise eligible, but a job of such national security should go in the interest of the European competitors. Whether Trump himself will be able to use the new aircraft ever, is uncertain because the Pentagon is planning, at the earliest in 2023. That would be the end of a second term as President. Trump should be on 20. January be defended.

The designation “Air Force One” actually refers to the radio call sign, which in the US air traffic is named a machine with the President on Board. The Name can be transferred, in principle, on every plane that transported the “Commander in Chief”. In a narrower sense, the two specially for the President of the transport equipped Jumbo jet of the type 747 are in order, however, 200B meant. Stationed the two machines on the air force Andrews. base Southeast of the U.S. capital, Washington, D. C.

fully-equipped command center

The two new Jumbo jets of the type 747-8 to replace the aging Jumbo jet that flies the President since the early 1990s, around the world With the price of a 747-8 from the regular series production at Boeing, the construction costs for the future President not to compare machines to The specially equipped Langstreckenjets accommodate in the Interior on three floors including a conference room, office workstations, a fully equipped Mini-hospital office surgery room, a presidential Suite with a bathroom and bedrooms as well as enough comfort to make it easier for the US President and his entourage of employees, companions and bodyguards life to travel.

Apart from the elaborate special equipment in the cabin of the machine, such as military jets in the air to refuel. Many of the components of the presidential plane is likely to come from highly specialized defense contractors. For the total price, not Boeing, but rather the Pentagon, with its extensive list of special requirements would be responsible.

With the ability of the air to air refuelling, the range is theoretically almost unlimited extend. The Jets with the special paint and the lettering “United States of America” is one of the most prestigious flagship of the U.S. shields foreign policy. “Air Force One is one of the most important symbols of the U.S. presidency,” – said in the White house.

Military special equipment

More about

In case of an emergency, the President of the machines will turn to a flying command base of the US commander-in-chief. On Board, numerous highly-classified systems – including electronically secured communication devices and protective systems for missile defense are to this purpose. The Integration of this military equipment in a hull design and construction from the civilian production are likely to drive the price significantly upwards.

U.S. aircraft manufacturers did not want to comment first of all, the price expectations of the future US President, Trump. Boeing should lose the prestigious contract, this would in the eyes of analysts, a serious setback. The Trump Tweet reached the Public before the start of trading in New York. The Boeing shares fell in premarket trade to about one percent into the red. After the start of trading, the share price recovered, but still remained behind the overall market.

for a designate of the U.S. President’s highly unusual verbal attack on Boeing had buttoned Trump other U.S. corporations. With the air conditioning manufacturer Carrier, he met after persistent criticism personally, an agreement to waive in return for tax reductions on the relocation of Jobs to Mexico. Later, Trump’s company threatened in General, it will not be without “consequences” to leave the United States. The car manufacturer Ford wants to have convinced Trump to leave a plant in the USA. However, the company had announced never plans for a relocation abroad.

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