Wednesday, December 7, 2016

VW exhaust affair: the EU Commission is apparently planning procedure against Germany – TIME ONLINE

Due to the VW exhaust scandal, the EU wants to open up Commission is apparently an infringement procedure against Germany. The German press Agency and the news Agency Reuters reported consistently referring to the process of familiar people.

trigger of the impending procedure, the trickery of the Volkswagen group, the schönte with the help of a special Software, the exhaust emissions from the millions of Diesel cars. The EU Commission is, according to the Reports, the German Supervisory authorities have not controlled the group has sufficient. This could constitute a violation of EU law. The reactions of the Federal government, the Commission will consider as incomplete. In addition to Germany and six other EU States to expect with the procedure, including the United Kingdom.

Greenpeace responded well to the threat of proceedings against the Federal Republic of Germany. “In the slow enlightenment of the exhaust gas scandal, the power of the competent Minister of transport, furthermore, a Finger crooked,” said the transport expert at the environmental organization, Tobias Austrup. “It is shameful that any consequence must come out of the exhaust gas scandal from the outside.” The FDP-MEP Gesine Meissner described the anticipated move as long overdue. “To start a procedure, it is only logical that this should have happened sooner.” The EU Commission had finally woke up.

exhaust values to be beautiful, had VW used in large-scale so-called switch-off facilities, with the result that cars in Tests launched less nitrogen oxide than in the normal driving operation. Defeat devices are prohibited, according to a regulation from 2007, apart from a few exceptions. The wolf Burger group takes the view that the shutdown facilities have not been in his diesel engines of the type EA 189 illegal in the EU. Federal transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt (CSU) considers the EU-rules for imprecise and penetrates to tighten up. He’s already been held with the EU Commission on the subject.


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