Friday, December 9, 2016

The wage dispute Lufthansa and the pilots are negotiating over arbitration – No strike – daily mirror

Lufthansa is the danger of further strikes by the pilots, preliminary. The Union Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) has examined an improved salary offer from the company and announced on Friday, to return to the negotiating table. Next week should be advised with the Lufthansa on the further procedure, including any arbitration, informed the trade Union in Frankfurt. “In consequence of which no further strikes will be conducted until the conclusion of these discussions, Lufthansa measures to a new collective compensation agreement.” The pilots were last at the end of November in the 14. Round of industrial action for six days on strike and the company according to the available data, a damage of aroun d 100 million euros.

About 4450 flights with 525 000 affected passengers remained on the ground. To the on 30. November, which expired strike wave had explored Lufthansa and VC, if you can re-enter negotiations. Lufthansa-Chef Carsten Spohr had been in a large Meeting, the questions and criticism of the pilots. Head of personnel Bettina Volkens had the pilots at the end of November an improved offer. The Airline is offering a pay increase in two stages to a total of 4.4 percent and in addition a one-off payment of 1.8 monthly salaries. This offer is not conditional as the previous offer to other conditions, for example, in the old-age pension. The pilots had asked for a five-year period, 22 percent higher salaries.

Lufthansa and Cockpit arguing for years the salaries and other working conditions of around 5,400 pilots at Lufthansa, Lufthansa Cargo and Germanwings. The attempt at a solution has already failed several times. Business representatives such as the Confederation of German employers ‘ associations had warned of further strikes and flight cancellations in the next few weeks. Lufthansa-Chef Spohr was shown on Thursday optimistic that this year with the pilots in the arbitration. The company has internally appointed two possible Mediators. With the announcement of the VC strikes and other collective become a theme, such as, for example, the transition of supply, although less likely but not excluded.

in this question, can support the bargaining Committee of the Union on a clear vote by the members of the VC for a fight. Other airlines have benefited from the continuous labor dispute at Lufthansa. The sister companies of the Austrian and Swiss recorded in November, growth of 10.9 percent to 4.3 percent, because they use their Connections to Germany of the larger machine, to be able to Lufthansa passengers. Also Lufthansa flew in November, 5.8 percent more passengers than a year ago. This means, however, because in November, 2015, a strike operation in many Parts of lame. The flight attendants had even a day longer to strike than is currently the pilots. (dpa)


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