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Sixt rejects merger of DriveNow and Car2Go strict – Berliner Morgenpost

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Sixt rejects merger of DriveNow and Car2Go strictly

car rental company, Sixt is against a merger of Carsharing company of BMW and Daimler. A magazine reported on the appropriate plans.

car sharing is becoming increasingly popular. Above all, jüfor younger drivers prefer to avoid on your own vehicle.

car sharing is becoming increasingly popular. Especially younger drivers prefer to avoid on your own vehicle.

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Berlin. carmakers Daimler and BMW plan, according to a report by the “Manager magazine”, the merger of its car rental business. BMW’s car-sharing Partner Sixt made it clear on Friday, however: “A Fusion of DriveNow and Car2Go would be for Sixt not out of the question.”

The “Manager Magazin” reported, citing “senior executives”, and Involved in, the negotiations were already far advanced. The two car-sharing services Car2Go and DriveNow should get a common platform. The company wanted to occupy the market better together, before competitors like the US Taxi made in Europe.

However, BMW would have made his statement in this case, without the DriveNow Partner Sixt. Germany’s largest car rental company, said: “We alleged merger talks are not known. Without the consent of Sixt such a merger would not be possible, because Sixt has a 50 percent share of DriveNow.” The cooperation with BMW, the course is outstanding.

speaker of BMW and Daimler each opinion rejected. According to “Manager Magazin” should remain the trademarks Car2Go and DriveNow, with around 20,000 cars. According to the customer’s Car and they are the largest provider of car-sharing without stations in Germany.

especially the Younger parts of your car

Car2Go and DriveNow are according to the report, so far, in 33 cities, especially in Europe and the USA. Both BMW and Daimler set out to save the planned merger costs, and to earn as with mobility services faster money, says the report.

car sharing in the past few years, a strong inflow. In particular, younger customers use the services in the larger cities and do without a car of their own. A total of around 830,000 customers share in this country currently have a car.

a Lot of money the car manufacturers not to make so far. According to Daimler, Car2Go is only in each of the cities profitable. More important to the company, a large customer base in the hope of making profits in the future, as experts predict the business, Driving strong growth. (dpa/rtr/W. B.)



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