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Router Hack: log in the Mega-attack on the Deutsche Telekom – Handelsblatt

cyber attack

The log of the Hacker attack on the Deutsche Telekom.

(photo: Reuters)

DüsseldorfIt is the beginning of November, as a unknown IT security specialist and presumed Fan of Japan under the Pseudonym “Kenzo2017″ only for technical experts to understand the warning in an Online Blog published, according to hackers, it is possible, certain routers of the Irish ISP EIR by using over the Internet, mailed control commands from the remote to re-program.

In this way, the attacker could control the device, with the help of private people and companies go online, long-distance and – as a kind of digital Zombies – for large-scale attacks on other use. Shortly thereafter, the Router manufacturer, the Taiwanese firm Zyxel has released a Update, to plug the gap. But the warning was largely ignored.

Large Hacker attacks of the past few years

  • It is probably the biggest data theft in the case of a single undertaking to date: a Minimum of a half a billion users in the U.S. Internet group Yahoo have become the victim of a hacker attack. The Criminals stole E-Mail addresses, birth dates, telephone numbers, passwords and encrypted security questions, such as Yahoo announced on Thursday. The attack occurred by the end of 2014, in August 2016, 200 million data offered on the net to purchase – for the equivalent of 1700 Euro.

  • in may 2014, the known attack, the hackers gained access to data from around 145 million customers, including E-Mail and residential addresses, and Login information. The commercial platform launched a large-scale password change.

  • A Hack of the POS systems in the U.S. supermarket operator, made the credit card Data of 110 million customers to the prey. The attackers were able to move for some time unnoticed in the network, the sales Target was fired after announcing in December 2013, as customers shunned the stores.

  • During the attack on the American DIY-chain credit cards-Data of 56 million customers in the hands of unknown hackers, as of September 2014, it was reported. Later, Home Depot admitted that over 50 million E-Mail addresses were affected.

  • The hackers captured in the August 2014 known attack on the U.S. Bank E-Mail and postal addresses of 76 million households and seven million businesses.

  • An attack, were suspected to be behind the hackers from North Korea, the entire computer network of the film Studio for weeks. In addition, the E was looted-Mail correspondence from a number of years. The publication of confidential news caused a most unpleasant moments for several Hollywood Player.

  • A Hacker group steel in July of 2015, data from approximately 37 million customers of the Dating portal. Since Ashley Madison promised that users take particular confidentiality in terms of Cheating, were the revelations for many customers is shocking.

  • The specialist for learning toys admitted the hacking attack in November 2015. Later, it was announced that nearly 6.4 million children-Profile with name and date of birth were affected, and 500,000 in Germany.

Until she gets on the last Sunday suddenly immense explosiveness.

It is short notice, after three o’clock in the afternoon as the employees in the network Monitoring Center of Deutsche Telekom in Bonn in the view of the wall-high control screens. For no apparent reason fewer customers are considerably to the telephony servers in the communications giant filed. Also, the network load is noticeably lower than for a Sunday afternoon usual, because fewer people over the network of the group.

A quick Check of the nationwide weather shows location: Radiant late autumn weather, the Germans by the tens of thousands, and to let across the Board except for scheduled Sunday walks could cause, so a first attempt at an explanation. So what is going on, out there in the network? The search for the cause begins and for Thomas Tschersich, head of the programme for Internal Security & Cyber Defense in the case of Telekom, as well as hundreds of other technology and security experts in the group, probably the most stressful 72 hours, the past years.

Router-default: Telekom is analyzing information on Hacker attack

A hacking attack on the customer Router? Also on Monday afternoon, the customers log in the whole country, Telecom problems. Internet connections in large numbers do not work. The company is looking for the cause. more…

It is a little after half past Four, as in the mobile phone of the 46-year-old chief of security, the first E-Mail message is received, in the net, ANYTHING out of the ordinary does. Since no one knows yet WHAT exactly happened, but THAT something is not right, it is becoming clear. Within a short time there are about 900,000 Telekom customers, the strike the telephone-, Internet – and multimedia terminals, in whole or in part.

half An hour later, Tschersich the colleagues from Bonn to personally on the phone. “Since it was clear that we – like we – have a ‘disorder of large Wirkweite’ in the network,” says the security Manager.

For such cases, communications companies like Telekom but also your competitors put their sophisticated contingency plans at the ready. Experts are on call, if there is a problem somewhere and the staff on duty do not get the interference. But it’s Sunday afternoon. Since it takes longer than during working hours on week-days, until the forces are available. But the circle of experts is growing rapidly. You turn, and discuss what it could be, that so many customers, so suddenly not in the stable network to get access?

botnets: zombie maker

to The authorities is an important blow in the fight against Cyber-crime succeeded. With “Avalanche” has been uncovered a huge infrastructure for the operation of Botnets. But what is behind these networks? more…

a failure of A regional grid node, maybe? Is not! The disorders appear nationwide? Error messages from conurbations, piling up, are there maybe components of the network of a common type used, which have a disorder? Not, the accumulation, the adjustment of the user data, is solely due to the higher population density. Where more people live with their telephone lines, as also in the case of a statistical uniform distribution of a fault – just absolutely more people counted to a power failure. In feverish haste, the network technician’s theses, which can be triggers of the disorder, develop the facts, consider…, and discard it again. It is a mystery what happened.


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