Monday, December 12, 2016

Rail and toe, some in collective disputes: Any strikes until the end of the year – N24

In the train fare round made the breakthrough. After tough negotiations, a compromise with the trade Union EVG. The collective bargaining round is not over yet.

rail customers must not be any fear of Strikes before Christmas. The railway and transport Union (EVG) agreed on Monday with the German railway to a new tariff package. Accordingly, around 150,000 Employees of the group receive 1. April of next year, 2.5 percent more money. Add to this a one-time payment of 550 euros. The new collective pay agreement runs for 24 months to 30. September 2018.

in addition, is realized from the beginning of 2018 for the first time, a choice model in which workers are between 2.6 percent more money an hour can choose to work less per week (38 instead of 39 hours) or six additional vacation days per year.

the choice model, the ECG draws a tariff increase, which is the smaller of the German train drivers Union (GDL) last year. Now there are but three options: money, fewer hours, or vacation.

rules for on-call duty

railway personnel Board member Ulrich Weber said: “We are delighted to have a reasonable conclusion reached.” The train went economically to the limits, perhaps even a step beyond. ECG negotiator Regina Rusch-Ziemba spoke of a total package, with which you could be satisfied. The choice of model may be a model for other industries.

The toe was gone with a requirement of 4.5 per cent, more money in the negotiations. Add to that 2.5 percent, or more leisure for the choice of model.

To include the agreed tariff package is also new or enhanced regulations for work organization, such as the on-call schedule. In the future, the trainees will be included in the retirement of the railway.

talks with the GDL

After the completion of the toe, the collective bargaining round is not take the train to the end. On Friday, the company comes together for the sixth Time with the German train drivers Union (GDL). The crew of the train, the are about 35,000 drivers, train conductors and some other employees. The GDL calls for 4.0 percent more content and a more predictable leisure time, such as on another layer of rhythms.

A strike is not expected in the short term. Because the web may request mediation, if the negotiations should fail, or if the GDL announced a strike. So it is that both sides have negotiated in the past year.

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