Thursday, December 15, 2016

Politics: Tsipras’s travels with a heavy theme package to Berlin – TIME ONLINE

Athens (dpa) – Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will travel today with a whole bag full of problems to a work meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin. The topics are:

What is the role of Greece in the “case of the murder of Freiburg played”?

The accusations weigh heavily: Had tendered the Hellenic police, the alleged perpetrators of Freiburg 2015 international manhunt, would have become German officers, perhaps earlier attention to him. Why this is not done, it needs to be clarified in Greece; there, the suspects in 2014 was convicted of a violent crime to ten years imprisonment and 2015 in the Wake of an Amnesty shaft, subject to conditions been released. Then he disappeared from the Radar of the authorities, the rubbed him in the investigation of the sole – however, only national. To explain the with the complete Overload of the Greek authorities, in view of the massive influx of Refugees, speculate Greek media.

Tsipras Has special concerns in the Luggage?

The Greek Prime Minister is expected to push in particular for the rapid start of the negotiations to ease the debt burden of his country. The chances are at the Moment, however, very bad. Tsipras’ decision, the pensioners in this year a Christmas bonus of 617 million euros, to pay and to support the Greek refugee Islands in the Eastern Aegean with a reduced rate of VAT, has upset a part of the creditors – especially Berlin – is difficult. Before there are other tools, should be first checked whether these special editions are available with the claims of the creditors in line.

the Greek government Throws because with money?

Tsipras is what relates to the “Christmas gift” that none guilty; considering the agreements with the creditors, the measures are so possible, because Greece surplus (excluding debt service) generated in this year of the higher of the Primary and therefore, there is scope to support the socially vulnerable and to boost consumption. Back of the head of the government repeated on Thursday from the Greek Parliament, the majority of the measures voted.

How is the internal political situation in Greece?

The “Christmas gift” helps Tsipras domestically; the resentment of the voters, the government is large, and where the people go on the road, the conservative opposition party Nea Dimokratia (ND) receives in polls twice as many votes as the left party of government, Syriza and calls almost daily for new elections.

new elections as an Option, and what Are you to go abroad?

elections could even allow Tsipras on his own, believes in the Greek press, not least because the government constantly stresses unasked, to want until the next elections in 2019. Early elections would cause a months-long standstill and the negotiations with creditors have stalled. This, in turn, the calculus, would not be in the interest of the European partners – instead, they could start the negotiations on Debt relief and Tsipras thus political enhance.

stability in Greece Is because for the Rest of Europe so important?

Here, above all, the refugee crisis is in addition to the common currency a major role. On the Greek Islands more than 16 000 people are stuck since the entry into force of the Euro-Turkish Flüchtlingspakts, in total, there are in Greece more than 62 000. The Turkey should renounce the Pact would be suspended, the country may once again a large Refugee influx, it could not be Mr.


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