Thursday, December 8, 2016

Mechanical engineering: After Veto of Obama: Chinese Aixtron from say-buying TIME ONLINE

Herzogenrath (dpa) – Nasty Christmas surprise for the Duke rather special machine manufacturers Aixtron with 700 employees, is off The proposed Acquisition of the company by Chinese investors, according to a Veto from the United States.

Since U.S. President Barack Obama says the acquisition of the US operations of Aixtron, was a condition for the quotation is omitted and that the takeover offer lapsed in total, shared with the Chinese Grand Chip Investment and Aixtron itself on Thursday. “Yes, we are disappointed,” said a company spokesman. The background for the US Veto fears that Aixtron’s products could also be of military use.

The previously tendered Aixtron shares are expected to 13 on. December will be posted to your owner. The share price fell until the afternoon of more than five percent. In the face of growing doubts about the success of the Takeover, the paper had already lost in the past few weeks, rapidly in value. Aixtron is currently deep in the red. The company must now assess the Situation and will promptly inform the future development of the business, the spokesman said.

The shareholder Association DSW criticized the Federal Minister of Economics Sigmar Gabriel (SPD). He had played in the business a “very unfortunate and much too passive role,” said DSW chief Executive, Marc Tüngler. So I made Gabriel to the vicarious agents of US economic interests. The damage, the shareholders had now.

The Chinese consortium Grand Chip Investment (GCI), behind the state-controlled funds stuck, had submitted a takeover offer of about 670 million euros. The Chinese side had repeatedly lobbied for the Takeover. This was a normal merger of companies and have purely economic motives. The Federal Ministry of economic Affairs had taken a permit for the sale of Aixtron to the Chinese Investor returned and a new Review of the sale initiated.

Obama had failed the acquisition of the US operations of Aixtron, since “the risks for the national security” of the United States. The decision of the US President was preceded by a recommendation of the US Agency for foreign investment (CFIUS). It is only the third Time since 1990 that a U.S. President of a company that prevents a takeover by a foreign Investor due to safety concerns.

The US government has a say, because the company is based in Herzogenrath near Aachen has also had a branch in California with approximately 100 employees. The authority of CFIUS, had spoken out in mid-November against the Takeover by the Chinese, the case, but the White house said.

Aixtron manufactures machines for the chip industry and is used for a long time because of a weak order situation in the crisis. Chinese investors accessed the last company is strengthening after German medium-sized companies and technology. Minister Gabriel had announced to want to of domestic key technologies to better protect.

Alone in the first three quarters, Aixtron had generated a good 106 million euros in sales and more than 30 million Euro net loss. The overall result for the year will be negative, said the company spokesman.

Grand-Chip communication

ad-Hoc communication Aixtron

quarter balance sheet, Aixtron


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