Thursday, December 8, 2016

McDonald’s moved to EU tax investigations abroad seat – MIRROR ONLINE

McDonald’s s moves to the introduction of EU tax research with its international Headquarters from Luxembourg to the UK. The Fast-Food chain, described the step as part of a restructuring.

branch of McDonald`s


McDonald’s franchise

In the fight against tax evasion has become the EU-Commission in its investigation on McDonald’s attention. The American Fast-Food chain announced that the international Headquarters from Luxembourg to the UK to relocate.

There will reasons, the franchise company, a new Holding company in which the majority of licence fees from shops outside of the United States would respond. The step was part of a restructuring, the costs should be.

In July, had declared the food chain, to create 5000 new jobs in the UK. The step was justified by the fact that attachment should be associated with the British expression, which are due to Brexit in a difficult situation. Profits from the foreign business of international companies with tax residence in the UK must be taxed.

McDonald’s high tax payments

threaten In the centre of a tax investigation by the EU Commission two agreements of the company with the financial authorities in Luxembourg, according to the Brussels competition authorities. On the basis of this agreement, McDonald’s had agreements since 2009, in Luxembourg there is no corporate tax paid on the license fees received by the group of franchise stores in Europe and Russia. In Luxembourg, McDonald’s have released from the duties in the Knowledge that the group pays in the USA virtually no taxes on such income.

the Background is the interpretation of the agreement on double taxation between Luxembourg and the USA. An agreement such as the agreement between McDonald’s and Luxembourg, it must be examined with a view to illegal state aid, exactly, said EU competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager.

McDonald’s will face a large tax arrears. The EU also has other U.S. companies such as Starbucks, Fiat Chrysler, Apple, and Amazon because of their tax policy in the visor.


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