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Internet: Internet service provider Yahoo: hacker attack on over a billion … THE WORLD

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In the Internet company is on the rocks for some time

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Probably other incident as a known cyber attack of 2014

More than a billion users of the US Internet service provider Yahoo have become according to the company, the victim of a previously unknown hacker attack in 2013. The hackers had likely stolen in August 2013, the personal data of more than one billion accounts, explained to Yahoo on Wednesday. The cyber attack had been led by an “unauthorized third party”.

The company will assume that it was a different incident as the cyber-attack of 2014, in which around 500 million accounts were affected. Including, presumably, your name, E-Mail had been tapped addresses, telephone numbers and dates of birth. Yahoo announced that in the investigations closely cooperate with the authorities.

The cyber attack of 2014 had made known to Yahoo in September. While personal information, such as your name, E-Mail were tapped according to the figures, also addresses, phone numbers, and birth dates. However, no Bank data had been affected. The cyber attack was possibly “have been organised by the state”. Some experts doubted it.

The extensive theft of customer data could jeopardize the proposed Acquisition of Yahoo’s, by the telecommunications giant Verizon. The troubled Internet company had announced the end of July to sell its core business for 4.8 billion dollars to Verizon. Verizon said on Wednesday the impact of the new incident must be examined before conclusions were drawn.

Yahoo once belonged to the pioneers of the Internet had in the year 2000 with a market value of 100 billion dollars. The company is, however, in the meantime, since the years of the crisis. Last December, the company decided, under pressure from the shareholders, its weakening core business, with search engine and Online outsource advertising, and to search for an Investor. In addition, Yahoo still has a multibillion-dollar share of the Chinese Online giant Alibaba.


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