Tuesday, December 6, 2016

How many billions have to pay the Federal government for the nuclear phase-out? – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

In the year 2022, this is it: the last nuclear power plant in Germany is taken from the mains. Gone are the days when the great colossi were still the most important source of energy in the country. You are the only eyesores in the area and are waiting for their Dismantling.

Corinna Budras author: Corinna Budras, editor of the economy.

But, in the meantime, is fierce. Not about the end itself, but about who has to bear the cost of this energy transition. Because the three big energy companies, Eon, RWE and Vattenfall actions before all of the instances of what happened in 2011 after the Fukushima disaster in Germany. Up to Karlsruhe, you have done it, there you are calling for a total of around 19 billion euros in compensation. The Federal constitutional court will decide on this Tuesday.

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The case is under critics as a Prime example of how corporations abuse their Power and billion complain about political decisions. It is not the quintessential task of the state to decide on the energy policy of the country and – even more important – the safety of its citizens? What weakens this line of argument: The energy turnaround is a done deal, will not be shaken, billion lawsuits. The question is interesting, if you turn it upside down: How much does political activism have to accept company, even if you have to shoot, therefore, to invest billions in the Wind?

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now, we can say that the energy transition has been threaded anything other than happy. How unfortunate, shows the best example of Vattenfall. The Swedish group is a co-owner of the nuclear power plant Krümmel in Schleswig-Holstein. Five years ago, the company was stalled there, rudely. Now, this could happen before the court a second Time.

A look back in the year 1998, as in Germany, at the Federal level for the first time, a red-green coalition was formed. Hardly the Greens were in Power, they put all effort to convert its founding purpose, in the reality: to get Out of the hated nuclear energy. To do this, they invited even the former opponents. Together with the energy suppliers agreed on the “nuclear consensus”, which provided for a withdrawal on Rates with the help of each individual remaining quantities of electricity allocated to””. A rule, term of 32 years for each nuclear power plant came out – “so that the companies concerned will not be charged disproportionately,” as it was called.

The Federal constitutional court must, However, seven years later, the Black and Yellow to Power and made a mess – first of all, much to the delight of the power company. The exit, the coalition of the Union and the FDP was not as a matter of principle, but the government saw nuclear power as an important “bridge technology” to achieve the ambitious climate targets. The Federal government and the maturities extended, Krümmel, as a relatively young plant, in particular, has benefited from it. About 14 years longer than that of Red-Green is the Vattenfall should be decided-power plant on the grid.


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