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Exhaust gas scandal: EU Commission opens proceedings against Germany – Handelsblatt


opened Volkswagen had added more than a year ago, under pressure from the U.S. environmental protection authorities to have the Diesel exhaust-gas values with special Software to manipulate.

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BrusselsDue to alleged omissions in the exhaust gas scandal, the EU Commission against Germany. The authorities in Brussels are accusing the Federal government of, among other things, Volkswagen is not for the Manipulation of pollutant values for diesel to have cars punished. This is announced on Thursday.

The Commission accordingly initiated proceedings for a suspected breach of European Law. Against the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Greece, Luxembourg, Spain and the UK, it raises the same reproach.

In the case of Germany and the UK sees the EU Commission is yet another violation of the law, Both countries would not have the authority to report in their national study of all known information. Brussels wants to be able to understand whether the derogations granted for the use of so-called cut-Off devices in the exhaust gas purification were necessary.

the trigger for the now industry-wide affair was the manipulation of Volkswagen. Europe’s largest car maker had to give in September 2015, to have in the USA test values for emissions of harmful nitrogen oxides from diesel cars fake.

Global investigations from authorities in the exhaust-scandal

  • …in the case of the exhaust gas treatment attracted worldwide investigations by the authorities. Similar to the German Federal motor transport authority (KBA) in front of the authorities in France and the United Kingdom. The government in Paris found in own measurements at 86 models, significant deviations and violations.

  • …could not demonstrate that the established Commission, however, even if you do not want to exclude due to lack of sufficient information, some providers, that there are you. The French car manufacturer presented subsequently, as in Germany, plans to improve the emission values.

  • …found in the final measurement of approximately 40 different car models, no evidence of fraudulent manipulations, as is the case with VW. However, the nitrogen oxide-layer values in real road operating many times above the test values.

  • …lit by the environmental authority, the EPA, the industry, but was able to determine according to its own data so far, only Volkswagen’s misconduct. In addition to the wolf burgers the opinions of supervisors so far, only Daimler, especially under the magnifying glass. In April, the Ministry of justice requested to the actions of U.S. attorneys in Stuttgart, the official exhaust emission values in the USA, internally, and to examine, with the involvement of the authorities – still without result.

  • …was announced in November, according to the known exhaust-affair with VW are also intensified investigations of Diesel models from other companies. Apart from Volkswagen, the government in Seoul before also threw Nissan Manipulation of emission values.

  • …associate authorities a similar re-testing. In addition to Mitsubishi, Suzuki gave the engine to have a non-permissible test method applied. Affected 26 models.

  • …a number of documents relating to exhaust emissions of Daimler requested. The Supervisory authorities but found no violations.

  • …just wanted to inform the government in mid-2016 pollutant tests. Previously, the Institute of the environment, TNO conducted on behalf of the government emission tests in various models. In the report it was concluded that the nitrogen oxide levels on the road were often higher than in the laboratory. The investigation dragged on so far, however, no consequences.

  • …got Volkswagen from the competition authority of a millions penalty. In the case of other manufacturers, Tests have shown, however, no evidence to Devices for Manipulation – not in the case of Fiat, it was said from the Ministry of transport in June. Additional tests of the German KBA was Fiat stung before. Federal transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt (CSU) – the EU Commission on the train, measurements for the models to enforce.

The VW group believes that the use of its shutdown systems in Europe was legal. The use of such programs is prohibited since 2007. There are, however, exceptions – for example, when engine damage or a deterioration in the security threaten.

The scandal had led to the resignation of VW group chief Martin Winterkorn and billion-dollar provisions for litigation. VW suffered also heavy losses. As in the case of measurements of the force travel Federal office (KBA), then also the eye-catching exhaust emission values for models of other manufacturers showed, the expansion of the exhaust gas affair.

The governments concerned have two months to respond to the allegations. After that, the EU may initiate Commission the next step of the procedure, this can lead to an action before the European court of justice (ECJ).

The Green party politician and former Minister for consumer protection, Renate Künast sees in the actions of the EU against Germany is a logical consequence of the black-and-red policy. “Anyone who fails to implement an EU regulation, tidy, gets the receipt, and the infringement procedure,” said the Chairman of the Bundestag Committee on legal Affairs and consumer protection of the German press Agency on Thursday.

the losers will be The consumers, who could not defend themselves against an insufficient exhaust-gas-cleaning in their cars. The scandal was an embarrassment to the auto industry and the Federal government, said Künast in Berlin.


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