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Edeka and Rewe agreed with Kaiser’s Tengelmann THE WORLD

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Vorzeitige Presents for 15,000 Employees at Kaiser’s Tengelmann: The competitors such as Edeka and Rewe have agreed, after a tough battle on the future of the embattled supermarket chain. A contract is ready for signature and must be reviewed by the Federal Ministry of the economy, such as Edeka and Rewe said together. All the Jobs are saved in order.

At its core, it is about the Acquisition of 62 Kaiser’s stores in Berlin Rewe. Because the necessary collective agreements with the trade unions Ver.di and NGG are already closed, should be signed the contract on the basis of the special permission by the Federal Minister of Economics Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) in the coming days, formally. Rewe is then to take his action against the Minister for permission to return, the way for the implementation would be free. Accordingly, Kaiser’s Tengelmann with its approximately 400 stores completely to Edeka, Hamburg pass on the agreed number of shops, especially in Berlin, to a non-mentioned price to Rewe.

Gabriel welcomed the agreement. “The successful conclusion of the negotiations between Edeka and Rewe, as well as the trade unions Ver.di and NGG is a very good news for the employees of Kaiser’s Tengelmann," he said. Thus, the way was free for the final steps, which could now be carried out quickly. He was confident that in the next week, the Minister for permission executed can be, said the Vice-Chancellor. The employees will no longer have to fear after a long time of uncertainty for their jobs. As final steps, the notarisation of the purchase contract and the assessment by the Federal cartel office are due to the representation of the Ministry among other things.

Also, Verdi was optimistic. “We assume that the entire process is now coming very soon to a good end for the employees,” said a spokeswoman. All necessary collective bargaining agreements were negotiated, so that the conditions for the collective security of the workers that would be created. The tariff commissions have already agreed. The Berlin Kaiser’s staff Council Volker bean was still cautious: “as Long as we don’t have that in writing, don’t we celebrate.” For the employees, an agreement but secure Jobs meant for at least five years.

Kaiser’s Tengelmann has today over 400 branches in Munich and upper Bavaria, in Berlin and in the Rhineland around 15,000 employees. The implementation of the Ministerial approval, would bring them according to the specifications of Gabriel, a five-year job guarantee.


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