Monday, December 12, 2016

DHL and co.: Consumers often have to wait in vain on the package.

The Trouble is not great, and he meets everyone: “Hermes knows how to ring”, writes Westphalia, a client on the Board of the complaint portal “packet of Trouble” the consumer advice centre of North Rhine-Westphalia. Another railed: “Never again GLS.” Two cases of Thousands. For a year, annoyed customers complaining about failed parcel deliveries on the web portal. And they do it well. Around 7500 complaints received by the consumer advocates in the meantime.

The main frustration: The package is not delivered on the announced date or not at all, although one was home. About 40 percent of the complaints are about. Iwona Husemann of the consumer can understand: “It is especially annoying when people take time off and wait.” Often the package is ready to be spent in the next branch for pick-up. Trouble there is, however, also, if the package is lost or damaged will be delivered.

Why so much wrong? In the consumer, it makes the high workload of the deliverer is responsible. Germany is a country of the Online Shopper, and for years the Numbers for verse rise ended packages in Germany. In the past year, a total of around three billion packages were sent out. During the Christmas season the Post office is expecting twice as many packages as usual and temporary staff. Customers can also track thanks to new technology, where your package is. And remember, if there’s something wrong. “In the past, the package came easy,” says consumer activist Husemann. Today, you could track it exactly.

complaints can be anonymously released

With their platform consumers want to get a protector of a reliable data collection about the problems with subcontracting services. The rights of the recipient are to be strengthened, which are often difficult to defend. The Federal Ministry of justice and consumer protection supports the project, which is due to run three quarters of a year.

The principle is simple. Everyone can online to report his problems. Under you can choose between the nine reasons for the frustration. The consumer forwards the complaint to the parcel service provider. Has 14 days to take a position. Then the complaint will be published anonymously – either with or without opinion. “We don’t get to all of the complaints, an opinion,” said Husemann. There is you, is you most succinctly: “We regret that it is not ringing and no notification card has been deposited.”

Why so much wrong? The companies deny the Problem or blame it on individual cases. Hermes supposedly has a delivery rate of over 95 percent on the first attempt. In the DPD it is stated: “an Individual deliverer regularly make mistakes,” says DPD spokesman Frank Vergien. In such cases, you try to have conversations or re-Training. To lack of staff, so Vergien, it is not.

more tips there online

The consumer says Central: All the major companies are affected. “DHL as the market leader leads, of course, the number of complaints,” said Husemann. The largest parcel delivery service in Germany, but has decided not to answer to complaints to the platform directly. An explanation of why complaints to the on-time delivery, more and more, not supplies also DHL. Only so much: The ratio of the total amount of packets, the number of complaints is very low. On the private channels, employees could quickly access data and respond individually, said in a statement.

the other package service providers recommend that customers contact us with complaints free of charge directly via Social Media to the company. The consumer wants to evaluate the platform collected complaints at the beginning of the year, and then the corresponding political demands can be derived. What exactly could this mean, however, is still unclear.

Who is affected by package problems, can drain on the online side, only steam, but also gets tips on how to the fastest possible delivery to succeed and who is liable in case of damage to the package. In addition, a collection of the most important Links can be found below to contact the package provider directly.

Entertaining reading but is also. The consumer also collects curious cases. Thus, a package landed on the toilet seat, as the package it messenger threw through the open window into the house. And one or the other receiver package is also once stored in the trash bin.


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