Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Cologne: the new Rewe-in-chief is a Frenchman – RP ONLINE

Cologne. 2019 will replace Lionel Souque to the top of the Cologne-based trading company back and Alain Caparros. The 45-Year-old has a sense of Humor: he Once announced Ferraris as vehicles for food delivery.

The retail and tourism group Rewe, which sets the course for the next generation. The successor to the group chief Executive Alain Caparros will be Souque Lionel, the Board of Directors for the German super markets and the digital business. Souque’m graduating in 2019 to the top, told the Cologne-based group after a meeting of the Supervisory Board. Until then, Alain Caparros, who leads the retail giant since 2006, will implement the forthcoming structural changes and the business for the future, it said.

Starting in January of 2017, will be responsible for Souque with the brands of Rewe and Penny, the entire German food retail business. Caparros had recommended Souque, as his successor.

The 45-Year-old was born in Paris and grew up. At the Rewe Group began operating statements 1996, economist, MBA. The Discounter Penny, he was in purchasing and sales. He is married, has three children and lives with his family in Cologne, Germany.

In the industry is the Frenchman for his sense of Humor known. Suitable for 1. April Souque had once announced that Rewe food deliver with a Ferrari. “So not only are we faster to the customer. With the red cult sports car from Italy, we will also find faster young motivated delivery drivers”, was the Rewe-Germany-in-chief in a press release quote.

Also in the Cologne football you know his name: Since the end of April 2016 Souque Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the 1. FC Köln. In the game against the Red Bull Club, RB Leipzig, Lionel Souque was the main sponsor of the team of the 1. FC Köln with advertising for Rewe-energy drink “Maximum G” emergence of. Souque commented on the campaign with the slogan: “let’s see who runs faster – the Billy goat or the bull.”

For Rewe had fought Souque in the past few weeks, the Takeover of Kaiser’s Tengelmann stores. As a result, he became known to a wider Public. A few days ago, the Cologne-based company put together with the competitor Edeka a contract for the Acquisition of more than 60 branches. The competitor Edeka had want to take over the supermarket chain Kaiser’s Tengelmann is actually complete and also a Minister permission. However, it was managed to Rewe, and legal steps to force the rival, a big-store package, especially in Berlin, to Cologne to pass.

The number of Rewe stores will be increased, the Board reduced in size: Overall, the management Board of 2019 should shrink from six to four members, it said. Deputy Chairman of the Board, to be Jan Kunath, who is currently responsible for the Discount business in Germany. New 2017 Sören Hartmann, who currently leads the travel and tourism moves in July. Rewe had made in 2015, with more than 326.000 employees and a turnover of 52.3 billion euros. The Rewe-rich, the Toom DIY stores, the Discounter Penny as well as the tourism companies, ITS and Jahn Reisen in addition to the super markets.



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