Friday, December 16, 2016

Aviation: Lufthansa and the pilots go to arbitration – TIME ONLINE

Frankfurt/Main (dpa) – Lufthansa is making progress in a dispute with the payment of their pilots, but has to contend with its low-cost subsidiary Euro wings is a major setback.

an agreement has been reached, a Mediator of the remuneration collective bargaining agreement to call, said Lufthansa and the pilot Union Association (VC) today. The Person has no disclosures were made. The arbitration is expected to be completed by the end of January. Until then, passengers from the re-strikes are likely to remain at the Lufthansa spared.

Eurowings, however, the cabin crew may may occur again in the recusal. Talks between Lufthansa and the unions, Verdi and the Independent flight attendants organization (Ufo) had failed in the night to Friday, as Ufo said.

The Lufthansa pilots were on strike at the end of November for six days. Around 4450 flights with 525 000 pass remained to operate on the ground. The previous collective contract expired in 2012. Lufthansa had offered the pilots most recently, 4.4 percent more salary and a one-off payment of 1.8 monthly salaries to mid-2018. This is the group not followed up on other unresolved issues such as the transition supply of pilots. VC has requested until April 2017 Salary increases of 22 percent, including payments for four years.

the compensation collective bargaining agreement, the peace was a duty, declared both parties. Due to the content of the questions are excluded strikes until the end of January. Work stoppages due to other issues, although theoretically possible, but unlikely. This would affect the talks difficult.

Meanwhile, there is a danger of the Lufthansa low-cost subsidiary Eurowings (EW) of the tariff to escalate the conflict with the cabin staff. Talks between the company and the competing unions, Verdi and the Ufo failed. They wanted to connect with, Lufthansa is actually a agreement, the companions of the flight with Euro wings uniform collective agreements should allow for.

Verdi had recently reached with Euro wings a degree, the Ufo as a “massive provocation” had criticized. It had, however, been at a common solution, said a negotiator Sylvia De La Cruz. This had now failed. Tariff Board Nicoley Baublies said, there is nothing else remaining than to pursue the “normal” trade Union means the objectives of the EW staff and “with the better contract, the majority of the cabin staff at the Euro to convince wings”. Concrete plans for strikes or other actions by Ufo is not called. The Union had a strike at the end of October the Euro wings.

Verdi said that the Ufo was no proposal in the open. A common result was not possible, said Federal Board member Christine Behle. Eurowings stressed that it had offered the collective bargaining agreement with Verdi, one-to-one Ufo. “Our goal is the bargaining unit for the flight attendants at eurowings Germany,” said a spokesman.




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