Monday, October 10, 2016

Weselsky threatened with Strikes in the Christmas traffic – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Claus Weselsky was last year in the German law unpopular.

In the case of the Deutsche Bahn, the employer and the train drivers Union have been negotiating since Monday on better working time and leisure money rules, and more for the employees. It should be in the first three rounds of negotiations till November, no result, are also warning Strikes in the Christmas traffic, said Claus Weselsky, the Chairman of the German train drivers Union (GDL), in Berlin. “I expect, at the latest, in the second round an offer by the employer.”

At the time of his wage claim to four percent, he was prepared to compromise on that, said Weselsky. The GDL put the focus on layer rhythms and working time. For example, 2.5 percent more cash plus a reduction in working hours would discharge a volume of 2 percent for the GDL a good result, indicated Weselsky, a possible compromise line.

railway personnel Board member Ulrich Weber announced until the second round on may 25. October in Frankfurt to submit a tender. “I think it’s important that we come at the negotiating table to results.” The issue of working time should be discussed. Not all of the demands of the GDL were met. While the Union is demanding, the days of rest of the employees up to a year in advance, will have the railway the flexibility of and the individual employees involved.

the EVG trade Union sits with the rail at the negotiating table. It requires up to 7 percent more money for the employees – members
each to choose whether you want to 2.5 percent thereof in the Form of a longer holiday or a shorter working week. Both of these unions to compete for train crew, the train must achieve
in separate negotiations comparable results. The had made the last round of collective bargaining so complicated. Nine Times, the train driver put down the work. Subsequently, it was agreed that it must, in the future, prior to a strike, a conciliation attempt.

America surveys to see the second TV-duel benefits in the case of Clinton

millions of television viewers in America saw how the presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton delivered, in her second TV-duel, a fierce exchange of blows. A survey among viewers, according to Clinton emerged as the winner of the debate. For you 57 percent were, therefore, to Trump’s 34 percent.

10.10.2016, 13:40 PM | politics

of fine dust in German cities exceeded Down with the flue gases

In many cities, the permissible values for nitrogen oxides and particulate matter. Court rulings force the cities to Act. Driving bans for diesel vehicles? More By Rüdiger, they Stuttgart

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