Thursday, October 13, 2016

Toyota and Suzuki solders research Alliance – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Tokyo (Reuters) – The Japanese car maker Toyota and Suzuki are aiming for a partnership in development and research. Focus will be on the cooperation in major issues of the automotive industry such as environment, safety and information technology, as both companies said in Tokyo.

is Currently being tested, such as the size could be the cooperation. In January, the companies had denied speculation of a pending partnership. Now, you stated in a Declaration of intent, it was important in the development of the infrastructure and Standards to work together. “To survive in the drastically changing environment of the auto industry, we need to be able to adapt,” said Toyota boss Akio Toyoda. A capital contribution was not yet decided, he said at a joint press conference with Suzuki Chairman Osamu Suzuki.

Suzuki feel the car as a specialist for low-price small with regards to the technologies of the future increasingly uncertain, it said. Osamu Suzuki said that his company looks to an uncertain future, if it is only develop the existing technology further. He wanted to secure the independence of his company.

Toyota will catch up with one Alliance, even the gap to the competition from Europe and North America, standardization and collaborations. The two companies could help cooperation in their respective challenges.

Suzuki and Toyota insured, to want to continue in the competition compete against each other. Suzuki is especially in India and Japan car, with its small strongly represented in the domestic market, the company is in strong competition with the Daihatsu of the Toyota group. Toyota had taken over the small car brand this year and want to benefit from rising demand in emerging markets.

The car industry is currently undergoing a fundamental change. Among the major topics of the future of alternative drives and the digitization of more and more Internet in the car.

Given the huge challenges car manufacturers and suppliers to combine more forces. So Daimler and Renault cooperate-Nissan for a long time. There are also collaborations with IT companies. BMW, for example, the topic of self-driving cars, a partnership with the Chip giant Intel and the Israeli developer of robotic car technologies Mobileye went to the future.

the World is growing also in the course of the exhaust gas affair from Volkswagen to be manipulated emission tests, the pressure on car manufacturers, their cars, stricter environmental directives. The Japanese Renault Partner Nissan are still trying to take over the control of the hard-hit car maker Mitsubishi Motors. Mitsubishi had been tampering with the fuel consumption figures for small cars in the Japanese market.

Not always cooperation to succeed, however: A cooperation between Volkswagen and Suzuki ended at the beginning of this year, finally, after the two Ex-partners were not able to provide in their cooperation since 2009 a joint project on the legs.

electrical fire 350.000 households to the Brand in Tokyo without electricity

a fire erupted In a cable slot of the Japanese energy company Tepco in the vicinity of Tokyo. The result was not only a great column of smoke, but also a power outage for hundreds of thousands of households.

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