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Threat of a record fine: The sheikhs of Qatar, Deutsche Bank could … – FOCUS Online

Friday, 07.10.2016, 23:45
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The speculation about a cash injection for the German Bank does not tear off. Big Wall Street banks to provide the largest German money house to help in the case of a capital increase of up to 5 billion euros, it said in media reports.

Also about the possible involvement of other Dax-listed companies was reported. In addition, there are rumors about possible saves sales. The Bank did not comment on the information on Friday.

the help from Qatar?

The “mirror” also reported in advance of its latest edition, the German Bank could hope for further support of its largest shareholder, the ruling family of the Emirate of Qatar. The sheikhs consider, therefore, together with other investors, your share of up to 25 percent increase. The ruling family of Al-Thani, the Gulf state has two investment vehicles access to nearly ten percent of Deutsche Bank shares.

The Institute a record fine of 14 billion dollars (12.5 billion euros) in settlement negotiations in order to mortgage transactions from the days before the financial crisis looming in the United States. The Bank had shown a determination to push the total significantly. However, investors are unsettled, the stock fell recently to a record low, but has recovered somewhat. The fear is big, the provisions of the Bank may not be enough for the threat of punishment – especially since the case is not the only legal job site.

Wins Cryan a compromise?

The “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” (Saturday) reported that German-Bank-chief John Cryan wanted to meet on Friday with “high-ranking” representatives of the U.S. Department of justice in Washington. Thus, the Chance that the largest German financial institution to agree in the near time on a penalty increases. The Bank is not commenting on the. Also, the U.S. Department of justice did not comment.

Cryan had said a week ago in an Interview, the Bank would get for the time being, no fresh money through the issue of new shares: “The question of a capital increase not currently.” Deutsche Bank met “all regulatory capital requirements,” had “far fewer risks in the books than in the past” and be “comfortable with free liquidity”. Also, state aid is not an issue, – said Cryan.

“I think nothing of speculation”

Federal Minister of Economics Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) rejected it on Friday, and to speculate on government support for Deutsche Bank. “I don’t believe in speculations about things which do not last,” said the Vice-Chancellor, in Berlin. “But we have an interest in ensuring that Deutsche Bank is a stable financial institution that is nationally and internationally successful, but you are completely clear.”

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble criticized the International monetary Fund (IMF) for its reminders to the European banks. He’ll take everything seriously, what the Fund, and IMF Chief Christine Lagarde to say. But for supervision, regulation and restructuring of European banks, there is a lot of competent institutions, said Schaeuble in Washington. It was not a thing in the world to oversee Bank or other international institutions, banks.

Video: taunts on the open stage: Schäuble is IMF Chief Lagarde emergence

the Sharp criticism of Lagarde

Lagarde had said earlier with a view to the Deutsche Bank, Germany’s largest money house needs to revise its business model and in the long term, its earnings strength. “I believe that the German Bank needs to look at how many banks on their business model.” IMF expert Peter Dattels had said, the Deutsche Bank belong to the institutes, which would have to make adjustments, in order to convince investors. This had led to some discontent in the Federal government.

The “Handelsblatt” (Friday), according to languages is “one of the top executives of several Dax-listed companies in the last few days about a rescue plan” for the Deutsche Bank. Some of the corporations to examine, therefore, whether it would be possible to take part in a possible capital increase of the Bank, the newspaper reported, citing company circles – without naming individual companies in particular.

Wall-Street-banks offer to help

The Bloomberg news Agency reported meanwhile that Deutsche Bank lote in the United States, the possibilities of a capital increase, or Saves the sale. Big Wall Street banks had offered to the Institute to help in the case of a capital increase of up to five billion euros, should take the Bank due to high cost of litigation. Decisions were not but like still, is relying on with the talks, a group of familiar people.

According to the “Financial Times” (Friday) is the IPO of the asset management Option. Such a step should not be done before the first half of 2017. Also this report did not comment on the Bank. The value of the division is estimated to be around eight billion Euro.

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