Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Smartphone-Gau: Samsung adjusts production of Galaxy Note 7 – n-tv.de NEWS

Tuesday, 11. October 2016

Samsung pulls the rip cord: at First, the group stops selling and exchange of Problem-Smartphones, Galaxy Note 7, and now he stopped the production completely. The share price collapses, and this is not the only Problem of the group.


It is an unprecedented debacle in the Smartphone business to Samsung, the production of fire-risk-Galaxy-Note-7 permanently. “In the interest of the safety of our customers, we have decided to stop both the sale as well as the exchange of the Galaxy Note7. The production of the Galaxy Note7 is not continued,” said a spokesperson n-tv.de . The Samsung admits that it failed to solve the Problem of battery fires in a first attempt. The Premium model should compete with Apple’s iPhones and Samsung as the innovation leader in this field. Instead, a heavier image threatens the group’s damage.

a Few hours before, had been stopped by Samsung, according to a new Report from consumers about burning Smartphones first in the world sale and exchange of the model. The affected devices “may overheat and pose a safety risk,” it said. Only a few weeks ago, Samsung had launched a global exchange campaign in August, introduced in grade 7 due to fire hazard the battery in the way.

Samsung called on all the clients again, your Note 7 to turn off and not use it at all – no matter whether it was an Original or a replacement device. You should bring back your device in the stores, where you can swap it either for a smart phone of a different type, or your money back could get in, was it on the US Website. The problems were immediately prior to the official start of sales in Germany.

With the production stop gives Samsung considerable problems with the Phablet – a Smartphone and Tablet Computer. The share price of Samsung Electronics broke on the stock exchange in Seoul by eight per cent and went with 1.55 million Won (1245 Euro).

On Monday had announced the company to change its production planning for the time being to explain this in more detail. The safety of the consumer is always a top priority for the company, it was called now. Samsung please mobile operators and retail partners around the world, “to stop the sale and exchange of the Galaxy Note 7, while the investigations are in progress”. Samsung work together with the US consumer protection authority to the CPSC to investigate the cases recently reported.

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At the weekend a further four cases in the United States were to become known, in which, according to the information of the Concerned exchange equipment in the Note 7 in caught fire. On Wednesday a plane in the US had been vacated shortly before the Start because of a burning Note 7. It was device to the owner, a replacement. According to the Reports, the mobile announced wireless operator AT&T, T-Mobile US and Verizon, no Note 7 to your customers to spend more. Buyers will be able to exchange their devices against other models of Samsung or Smartphones from other vendors.

Samsung had announced at the beginning of September, a worldwide exchange of action for around 2.5 million units of the Galaxy Note 7 due to risk of fire. At the beginning of October, the company had recorded sale in South Korea again. Finally, the start of sales in Europe for the 28. October has been announced. According to earlier information, the US consumer protection authority might have been a reason for the problems with the original touch 7, that batteries were a little too big for the space in the housing, and thus, when installing to a short-circuit in the batteries.

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