Thursday, October 20, 2016

Tesla wants to Drive technology for Autonomous in all cars install – Heise Newsticker

(image: Tesla)

Tesla wants to make all of its vehicles to self-driving cars. This will in future be fitted with the necessary cameras, Sensors and computers in every car. The Software follows later.

electric car manufacturer Tesla wants to equip all its new vehicles with the necessary technology for completely Autonomous Driving. The Software should later be gradually unlocked, said Tesla CEO Elon Musk in the night to Thursday. By the end of next year, should it be possible, for example, from Los Angeles to New York without a handle, he said to the schedule.

All of Tesla vehicles would have eight cameras instead of one, ultrasonic and Radar Sensors with increased range and resolution, as well as 40 times more computing power in the Computer, said Musk. The announced for 2017-effective vehicle Model 3 am one of them, so far, sold Tesla’s could not be retrofitted. “I wish it was different” – but because of the tight Integration that is so unrealistic, like someone with a spine transplant.

Software to learn

learn to use The Software for Autonomous Driving in the so-called shadow mode. The Computer will also drive the during the man – in the Background the traffic situation analyze, – said Musk. He acknowledged that the introduction of the Software will depend on local rules. So he hope that it will give in the United States no patchwork of different regulations from Federal state to Federal state.

Tesla is to equip the first manufacturer to announce that all its vehicles with Robot technology. The company wants to screw up to 2018, the production of 50,000 to 500,000 cars per year. The year 2020, Musk introduced the one Million mark in views. The mass of the Model 3, for which it gave the state almost 400,000 pre-orders.

Tesla also wants to develop its own platform, the owner of their self-driving cars for the money loss earn can chicken. This would make the company to another competitor for car service intermediaries like Uber.

Tesla’s previous driving assistant “Autopilot” should remain as a stand-alone function and be further developed. Tesla was, among other things, in Germany in the criticism, with the accusation, the Name bring to the owner the impression that the car could drive themselves. The company stresses that drivers must keep on “Autopilot” at any time the Overview and the control over the car. In may, a man in Florida was killed because of his Tesla with the “Autopilot”wizard wagon under a load, catch, crossed the road.



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