Thursday, October 6, 2016

Snapchat could go in March 2017, the stock market – a … – YouTube

After two years without significant IPOs could come of the fallow market for Internet and Tech new missions in 2017 with a Mega – IPO. After year-long speculation just from Snapchat to Snap renamed App seems to substantiate a provider of now its stock plans. As the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) wants to have it, might Swap to aspire in the next March on the New York stock exchange.

The five-year-old US inter would take to prepare accordingly, its stock exchange application for approval of an IPO, usually three months in advance. According to the Rupert Murdoch hearing economic newspaper, the process was still “in flux” and could move to a later date. Snap want to decide until December, which Bank is assisting the company to Wall Street. Two years ago, the mirror campaigned already the top bankers Imran Khan from Credit Suisse.

Snap aims for an 80 percent higher stock value than Twitter

An IPO had indicated the company’s founder, Evan Spiegel will be Prolonged. In the spring of last year, the 26-Year-old said on stage at the tech conference, “code”: “of Course, we have to go to the stock exchange.” For this day the boom delivered at the end of a photo-Messenger App now powerful arguments: as many as 150 million members Snapchat on a daily basis – more than Twitter.

Accordingly, it is not surprising that the mirror wants to access a significantly higher market value, as of the disappearance of the 140-character service that is obviously not the buyer. Twitter brings with it a market capitalization of $ 14 billion (but wants to achieve a sale of at least 20 billion dollars), while Evan Spiegel is aiming for, according to the Wall Street Journal a valuation of $ 25 billion. In the most recent round of financing Snapchat was valued over 20 billion dollars.

by 2017, is expecting a billion dollars in sales

to provide the evidence on stock market suitability, pushes Snap in the monetization of its popular App strong on the Tempo. After the expected sales of 250 to 350 million dollars this year, Snapchat 2017 is to redeem one billion dollars, writes according to the WSJ currently, but more losses.

the triumph of The snippets of Story App based on the popularity among young people. In the case of American teenagers, Snapchat has replaced the now even Instagram so popular Social Network.


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