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Position of the German Bank calls for industry to Plan – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

The dramatic situation of the German Bank calls on the industry in the country. Leading managers of large Dax-listed companies have confirmed to the F. A. Z. the meaning of the German Bank to the national economy. “German industry needs a German Bank that accompanies us into the world,” says BASF Chairman Jürgen Hambrecht. The nationality of the financiers also count in the globalized economy: “The power of non-games out there in the market are transparent, but they are there.”

Georg Meck author: Georg Meck, Deputy head of the economy and the “money & More” the Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper.

Daimler boss Dieter Zetsche says: “German banks are important for a strong German economy. This connection is tight. And will remain so." For such a large export nation like Germany, it would be bad, “if we could ensure access to the global capital markets only through banks in other countries,” added Eon CEO Johannes Teyssen. Its competitor, Peter Terium (RWE) is talking in the point, not otherwise.

“needs A strong economy, strong banks,” says the Dutchman. “If we want to remain in the future in the global competition, it is important for us to have a global Player like Deutsche Bank on our side.” Europe’s largest tourism group, Tui AG, refers to the own “very challenging times”, in which the Deutsche Bank had already proved itself as a “reliable Partner”.

chief of the German market: “Germany is in need of the Deutsche Bank”

In the past few days, the Deutsche Bank was under massive pressure on the stock exchange, temporarily, the stock price historical low points achieved under ten euros. Federal government, how the group saw itself forced to deny the alleged plans for a state rescue of the Bank. Chairman of the Board John Cryan appealed to the patience of the staff and referred to the stable condition of the group, which calmed the situation but only to a limited extent.

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F. A.  S. More on this in the Sunday newspaper from the 02.10.2016. On the eve in the F. A. S. App and as an E-Paper.

Nikolaus von Bomhard, CEO of Munich Re, acknowledges that his group have been following the current discussion with interest and a constant check to see if he needs to drive the collaboration: “In the case of the Deutsche Bank, the recent developments gave us no reason, our volume of business to take back.”

the bankers in the financial crisis, fierce criticism from the Rest of the economy, the Top managers from the so-called real economy from the recent turmoil are startled, obviously, do everything you can to support the Deutsche Bank, by insure their Loyalty to the house. “Deutsche Bank has a great Tradition, a solid Foundation and building on that, also a good future. I am convinced," says Daimler CEO Zetsche.

Siemens-Chef Joe Kaeser praises: “The Management is pursuing the right goals, and has our complete trust.” Endurance and rest well, Carsten, the chief Executive officer of Deutsche Börse recommends: “Germany, the German Bank needs.” Most it drives BASF-supervisor Jürgen Hambrecht with solidarity: “We are at Deutsche Bank, I have just bought shares. John has earned trust."

Option a “precautionary recapitalisation”

Helped the German Bank to the weekly messages, the end, what the penalties for windy mortgage businesses fail in America is less than feared. In the next few days the top management of the group traveling to information from the F. A. Z. to Washington, in talks with the American authorities the required $ 14 billion down to negotiate. The Deutsche Bank has so far provided a total of 5.5 billion euros for litigation, but is involved in several thousand cases.

in America threatened high number, which had raised Fears of a wrong position of the Bank, and rumors of a rescue by the taxpayer provoked. The rules of the European banking Union, on which the Federal government refers officially to prevent the: Accordingly, shareholders and creditors for ailing banks be included, savers with a higher level of assets and not the taxpayer.

Economists like the Max-Planck researcher Martin Hellwig, however, remind of the legally permissible Option of a “precautionary recapitalisation”. Allows the policy to continue to bail out the banks. Hellwig people attributed to the large number of trade that the Federal government would grab in the event of an emergency, this Instrument should tilt a system-relevant Bank. Also, DIW chief Marcel Fratzscher believes that the policy would allow Germany’s only Bank of world-class goes under – because the industry would insist.


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