Sunday, October 16, 2016

Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt: Tesla should not apply “Autopilot” –

First of all, had written a letter to the Federal motor transport authority, the Tesla customers, now also the company itself. The car maker should not advertise with the term “Autopilot”. The name was misleading.

Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA) has called on the U.S. car maker Tesla to promote its vehicles with the term “Autopilot”. The name was misleading, since it is merely an assistance system. “Misunderstandings and wrong customers avoid expectations, we call ‘Autopilot’ during the application of the system to use”, – quotes the “Bild am Sonntag” from a letter from the authority to the automaker. A Ministry spokesman confirmed the Letter to Tesla. The KBA is subordinated to the Federal Ministry of transport.

This was the controversial driving assistance system of the Tesla model “S” check. A report came to the conclusion that the System is a “significant hazard” to go out. It is also called by the name of the Autopilot, the driver led “astray”. He does not get displayed when the System devices in a Computer-unsolvable situation. The Autopilot drive “simple (insecure)”, – quoted the “mirror” from the paper.

The Swiss Federal office had only advised a few days ago, all the Tesla owners in Germany, by letter to the technical limits of the assistance system.

The KBA has a graduated intervention tools to deal with the sales of dangerous products from the Bicycle to the Truck.

Before it engages, however, grants the manufacturers the opportunity to Act. This should have happened with the Letter to Tesla now. Due to several accidents in connection with the auto pilot use in different countries, Tesla is currently under increased observation.


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