Monday, October 17, 2016

Kaiser’s Tengelmann: smashing begins – MIRROR ONLINE

Tengelmann drives the preparations for a break-up of the loss of the supermarket chain Kaiser to advance rich’s Tengelmann quickly. Interested parties are asked to provide for each of the nearly 450 branches. At the weekend there had been no signals for further discussions of retail groups Edeka, Rewe, Markant and Norma, which could stop this from happening.

Tengelmann boss Karl-Erivan Haub looks at the “exploitation” of up to 8000 Put at risk, because probably not all of the shops, a buyer can find. The biggest Worry for the 105 supermarkets in North Rhine-Westphalia, for the potential buyers in the course of the day, expressions of Interest to deliver, said a Tengelmann spokeswoman on Monday: “We start today.”

Haub announced that it had to find buyers for the markets in North Rhine-Westphalia and the meat plants in Viersen, donauwörth and Perwenitz. The “recovery phase” for the supermarkets in Bavaria and Berlin should start later. At the same time, he wanted to work but more to make the planned sale to the market leader Edeka is still possible. This is blocked by actions of competitors, Rewe, Norma and Striking. The “time window” being closed when the first branch was sold.

Ver.di sees last Chance for negotiated solution

For a return to the negotiating table, there is still a residual hope. The Union Ver.di had stressed on Friday that there were still contacts between all the parties Involved. In view of the impending destruction of the Federal Minister of Economics Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) had made a conciliation procedure to call.

interest in the Kaiser’s-Tengelmann-stores had signed up, including Rewe and Edeka. The trade Association Substantially aims to secure a part: Striking a “high degree of interest in an Acquisition of branches by a trading partner to confirm”, as a spokesman announced on Monday. According to insiders, the Signa Holding of the Karstadt owner René Benko, has stretched out its feelers to the Parts of the chain.

Haub sees in retail stores a preferred right of access for industry leader Edeka. “If Edeka markets from Kaiser’s Tengelmann intends to apply the anti-trust law not a problem, then Edeka for me has the priority,” said Tengelmann in-chief of the “Handelsblatt”. “The matter of courtesy alone, after two years of cooperation.”

Ex-monopoly Commission chief holds complete sale impossible

The former head of the monopolies Commission, Daniel Zimmer, keeps the however, is impossible. “That will not happen,” said the economic rights in the RBB-info radio. “Because all sides, it is clear that it will not go this time without the cartel office.”

The authority had submitted a “very detailed analysis of the market,” said room. This is a very good basis for the planned allocation of the Kaiser’s-Tengelmann-stores between the various interested parties. From the cartel office analysis, let see what branches could take Edeka easily and which would otherwise be disposed of.


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