Sunday, October 16, 2016

Kaiser’s Tengelmann in the closeout –

A supermarket chain on the rest of the ramp: For Kaiser’s Tengelmann the sell-off begins. Interested parties are asked to provide for each of the nearly 450 branches. Edeka should have a right of first refusal. Up to 8000 Jobs could remain on the track.

After two years of efforts to complete takeover by Edeka will now begin the retail sale of the branches of Kaiser’s Tengelmann. Tengelmann chief Karl-Erivan Haub wants to start today, Monday, the smashing of the supermarket chain Kaiser’s Tengelmann. Interested parties are asked to provide for each of the nearly 450 branches.

A little bit of hope, there is still

On the weekend, there had been no signals for further discussions of retail groups Edeka, Rewe, Markant and Norma, which could stop this from happening. Haub, however, appeared more open to a solution, Kaiser’s Tengelmann, with more than 15,000 employees receives as a Whole. The “time window” being closed when the first branch was sold. For a return to the negotiating table so there is still a residual hope. The Union ver.di had stressed on Friday that there were still contacts between all the parties Involved. In view of the impending destruction of the Federal economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel had also for a conciliation procedure to call.

Haub sees in the case of a break-up up to 8,000 Points at risk, because probably not all transactions a buyer will find. The biggest Worry for the 105 supermarkets in North Rhine-Westphalia.

priority for Edeka

Tengelmann will try to market not only to individual markets, but as large packages of locations. If Edeka wool assume markets raise antitrust problem, then the industry leader have the priority to: “The matter of courtesy alone, after two years of cooperation.” So long as Tengelmann, the sell supermarkets completely at Edeka tried to.

The cartel office had said a complete sale of the supermarket chain Edeka. Against a decision of the Federal Minister of Economics, Sigmar Gabriel, which would have made the Deal subject to conditions, but still possible, had competitors sued successfully. Negotiations between the companies involved had failed in the past few weeks, so that now only the destruction remains. Kaiser’s Tengelmann is accumulated in 17 years of losses.


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