Thursday, October 6, 2016

How Samsung debacle with the stars 7 – THE WORLD

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Seoul/Berlin – With the recall of the smartphone Galaxy Note 7 Samsung experienced an unprecedented debacle for the industry. According to previous information need to be exchanged because of the fire hazard around 2.5 million units worldwide.


2. August: Samsung unveils the “Phablet” with a screen diagonal of 5.7 inch. The flagship model is expected to play in the upper price segment, where Apple, with its iPhones. The financial service Bloomberg reported later, Samsung have hastened to bring it clearly ahead of the September launch of the iPhone 7 on the market.

19. August: The Galaxy Note 7 comes in a number of countries in the trade. After there are reports from users about burning or at least overheated phones. An Overview of the extent of the problem first.

2. September: On the day of the Note 7 was supposed to come in a wide in the commercial, Samsung is a worldwide product recall. First of all, the speech is of 35 confirmed cases.

8. September: The US-FAA FAA, and then also its European counterpart EASA to prohibit, to use the devices in the model aircraft or recharge. You are also allowed to

16. September: In the US, there is also an official recall via the consumer protection Agency CPSC. Significantly more cases are known. Alone in the country

19. September: Samsung launches the exchange of the devices in Germany. At the same time, the sale of investments in other Tech companies with an enterprise value of approximately one trillion Won (about 800 million Euro) is known. The cost of the recall for Samsung are estimated to be at least a billion dollars (900 million euros).

22. September: The Korean Agency for technology and Standards (KATS) calls of Samsung ahead of the resumption of the sale of the additional security checks. Among other things, each battery should be subjected to for the device, an x-ray test.

27. September Samsung announced that the Note 7 in Europe on 28. October, as usual in the trade<./p>

5. October: A just switched-off based 7 device in a plane that is in front of the departure at the Gate on fire. According to the owner it is already a replacement, Samsung can make.


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