Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Group in the Galaxy-the storm – THE WORLD

Als Samsung-customer Michael Klering at four o’clock in the morning last Tuesday, suddenly woke up, he heard a hissing noise, saw flames and smelled acrid smoke. “I was scared to death,” said Klering the local television station WKYT in the American state of Kentucky. The cause of the flame on the bedside table brand new Smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, that was up in flames was Klerings – just like that, without it, it was stuck on the charging plug or used. Still, no one ever had to be treated with light smoke poisoning in the hospital, he’s well again. His television appearance but the Samsung seems to have thrown the grade 7 final on the death bed, because the device already belonged to the new, second Generation of stars-7 devices, the batteries should be secured according to Samsung actually against the fire.

This statement can no longer receive Samsung now – the group stops after the incident of Klering, and a further intermediate case, in which a grade of 7 in a transport plane had exploded, for the time being, the complete production. While Samsung sent out on Monday, a Statement that the production adjustment is only temporary, as long as the cause of the recurrence of fire incidents was not found. However, Samsung may as well collect all Note 7-equipment, pulping, and inter – a second recall action does not survive the model. Also Samsung is clear: The grade 7 is not expected to touch customers want to spend 850 € for a Premium Smartphone once again with the Pliers. The main mobile phone providers, including T-Mobile and AT&T, not announced in the USA that sell the device and no exchange equipment spend more. Even if Samsung should solve the Problem now in the third start-up, is likely to throw the mobile telephony companies in the device from their stores. You can take call on no other. Samsung should try it, nevertheless, once again, the unit remains a Stigma fraught and is about to get in the face of predictable low sales figures, Updates tend to be later. Like the production stop, the impact on Germany, was unable to Samsung say on demand of the “world”. The safety of our customers is a top priority, a spokesman said. The grade-7 debacle, including the second recall is for Samsung’s mobile division the perfect storm. Samsung had set to the stars 7 great hopes – of the previous grade 5 was according to the analyses of the Benchmark provider, AnTuTu worldwide in the first half of 2016, the most popular Android Smartphone ever, it had a market share of almost eight percent. Samsung expected, according to analysts ‘ forecasts, the Korean Hyundia Securities’m saying with the Note 7 to this success, to connect and to put Apple in particular under pressure. Therefore, the group had hastened to press the Note 7, in August, in good time before the Apple iPhone 7 in the market of 12 million units would have been able to sell the Samsung and the Hyundai according to analysts, up to the end of the year. With the recall, Samsung has to clear the field, and contrary to the new iPhones just be the Galaxy S7, which is, however, already been sold since March. In the Smartphone world, it is almost as aged.

In the Smartphone market is Samsung, after the debacle now properly under pressure. Analysts from Gartner predict that the market growth is slow and the sales of equipment shrinks in individual country markets. In China, local manufacturers are on the attack, with the cheaper devices the South Korean. The presses also in the case of Samsung, the margins. Last year, the operating profit in the Smartphone business declined sensitive. The Smartphone division only for 38 per cent of group profit. The year before there were still more than 58 percent.

The Smartphone business last year for a little more than half of its revenues from Samsung Electronics and was therefore the most important division of the group, which sells, among other things, digital memory, a display, and a television. Finally, it seemed that Samsung got the deal back in the handle.

In the consolidated balance sheet, will moderate the grade-7-callback initially just reflect. Currently, analysts estimate the cost of the recall to a billion dollars. For the most recent quarter, Samsung expects to have more than six billion euros, profit, lifted last week its forecast even further.

The group is different than competitor Apple is diversifying so that the complete failure of a Smartphone model is shaken, the balance only marginally. The Koreans not only manufacture products for end-consumers, but also supply parts, such as Chips, Displays and batteries for competitors; Apple is one of the largest customers of the Samsung-part division. In particular, in the production of DRAM memory chips and Displays, the group is the market leader, market researchers expect in the coming months, with rising prices in the memory market, as other manufacturers try currently to bring it to the Samsung Note 7-breakdown more alternatively, devices in the trade. Samsung brand name should be in the face of the debacle, however, permanently damaged, should lose the group in the future, market shares, that would be for the whole of South Korea a Problem: Smartphones, in particular, the models of Samsung, South Korea outright as a Symbol of national identity, the high-tech devices like no other subject for the country’s rise to one of the most technically advanced Nations in the world.

in fact, Samsung has dominated South Korea’s economy. He who hears in this country, the name of the company, thinks in terms of the rule to the Galaxy-Smartphones, and perhaps even to televisions, refrigerators and washing machines. In fact, the economic activities of the Samsung group in almost every corner of South Korean society. A South Korean can be born in a Samsung hospital, in a Samsung-built apartment growing up, on a Samsung University study and the holiday with his own children in the Everland amusement Park, the also belongs to the group.

Samsung Electronics, within the group, for devices in charge, is the largest single business in the country and the crown jewel of the group. The entire mesh has more than 80 companies, including insurance companies, Hotels and Duty-free shops. The entire conglomerate was 2014, around 230 billion euros in turnover, including oil Tankers, micro-chips, and armored vehicles and was in the same year, responsible for almost a fifth of the total economic output of South Korea.


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