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Free trade: Ceta will show whether the EU is capable of action – THE WORLD

Die Belgians love known to Comics. The world’s largest comic book came from the small country. And so it is only fitting that some of the Belgians to take the example of Asterix, the Gaulish village provided fierce resistance against the Superior forces of the Romans.

On Friday and will advise the Parliament of the Walloon Region of Belgium, about whether it will agree to free-trade agreement Ceta between the European Union and Canada. A Little Something? Not in the least. For Belgium and especially in Wallonia is the only Region in the EU, which has seriously threatened with a “no.”

you Should stay there for the rejection and also hard to represent, could overturn the whole agreement between the European Union and Canada – and Europe topple in the face of his inability to act in a deep crisis of meaning.

The EU free trade agreement Ceta with Canada has long been a Lakmustest, whether the European Union action in the face of a growing distrust of citizens in the policy at all.

The EU representative to insure courageously, it was the best deal that has ever been negotiated, and it does not lead to it is just a reduction of environmental and social standards. Still not able to convince its own citizens.

The question of Wallonia is not alone. Also in Germany is still shaking in the series of free trade advocates. This Wednesday, the Federal constitutional court meets on Urgency, to prevent the agreement in the last Minute.

the”whom the heck the EU can conclude an agreement?”

The opponent were already in the mood. “The Treaty must be provisionally applied,” said Foodwatch Director Thilo Bode. “The provisional application of the final facts are established.”

In Canada, one rubs his eyes in astonishment in the face of mistrust. The canadian government had shown a lot of understanding. They opened the negotiations, agreed to a supplementary Declaration, with the Federal Minister of Economics Sigmar Gabriel and his SPD behind want to bring.

Chrystia Freeland, the canadian trade Minister, spent a lot of time in Europe, in order to convince critics of the Deal. In June, she asked: “If the EU can conclude an agreement with Canada, then one may ask the legitimate question: who in the heck they can close a deal?”

Also on the European side, the proponents of free trade warn of a Failure of the agreement. “If we do not adopt the Ceta, we have a real sense of crisis in the EU”, says Daniel Caspary (CDU), spokesman of the group of the European people’s party in the trade Committee of the European Parliament of the “world”, “because then the real value of the single EU trade policy and of the EU would be the single market into question.

On the free trade you speak so well

It is a very complex process is, in fact, necessary, to Ceta is on the way. After heavy criticism from the EU member States, EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker agreed to let not only the European Parliament but 42 national and regional parliaments on the agreement to the vote.

About the European free-trade policy is now decided also in the edge zones of political Power. Belgium has a total of three regional parliaments and a national Assembly. The Walloon Region was once rich and flourishing. Here is the French lives-speaking part of the country. The steel industry made the country rich.

Meanwhile, is suspended in the Region of economically. The people feel as well-losers. On world trade, it is not, therefore, speak as well. This is now also in the resistance against the free trade agreement Ceta noticeable.

On Friday, the deputies will be meeting to discuss Ceta. The representatives of the majority coalition of the Christian Democrats and the social Democrats were already clear that there would be resistance. The deputies would vote “most likely” against the agreements, announced by the President of the regional Parliament, André Antoine.

“We hoped that the negotiators tried to, at least, some improvements, some fixes for Belgium to knock out,” he said. “So far, this has not happened.” He, therefore, that the German-speaking community in the East of the country against Ceta will vote.

plaintiffs want Gabriel to no force

still Unclear is, what is the importance of no for the Walloons. As it is, could agreement, the Belgian Central government with some legal sophistry, though. Thus, the parts of the agreement could enter into force, the fall in the sole European jurisdiction.

States are for the parts of the Contract, for which the EU is responsible, it is likely to be difficult. This includes, among other things, the controversial court of arbitration to adjudicate disputes. For this purpose, the consent of all 42 in the ratification process parliaments involved is responsible – unless, of course, also here’s a legal way out can be found in a miraculous way.

The Ceta opponents in Wallonia will have to watch very carefully how the German Federal constitutional court in 400 kilometers away in Karlsruhe will decide. On Wednesday and Thursday of the Constitution, are to advise the judge on more Urgency.

The plaintiffs want the Federal Minister of Economics, Sigmar Gabriel, as planned, on 18. October, at a special Council of trade Ministers in Luxembourg for the agreement is allowed to vote. Rather, he is to be committed to a ‘no’.

What if Germany is blocking the process?

The judge must consider, what damage it causes, because, if the facts are established and, later, a violation of the basic law is established. And Vice versa, how serious the consequences would be that Germany would block the process and the Constitution to resolve concerns at the end in the air.

For this Wednesday has been loaded by the constitutional court for trial. Federal Economics Minister Gabriel travels specially. The tight time schedule that the judges in the evening for advice, and on Thursday morning its decision to proclaim.

is for Sure: It will be a long and arduous path, until the trade can enter agreements with Canada in full force and effect and even if, as planned, on 27. October, at the summit, all States in your signature.


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