Thursday, October 20, 2016

Flight attendant at Eurowings could go on strike from Monday to

The flight attendants ‘ Union UFO will strike the Lufthansa subsidiary, Eurowings. Starting next Monday, it could be two weeks, at any time, work stoppages, the Board said. The sides are arguing for two years for wages.

In a dispute with the cabin crew of the Lufthansa subsidiary, Eurowings in Germany, the signs are on strike. Starting next Monday, it could come for two weeks at any time of the walkout, said UFO Board Nicoley Baublies. Concrete will announce to the flight attendants ‘ Union at the appropriate time. The UFO explained, has no choice, as with industrial action, the claims to enforce, after the Eurowings Executive Board of management have taken on the Wednesday evening of the own proposal of an arbitration on the table.

The conflict between unions and the Euro wings is simmering for the past two years. At its core, it’s about the working conditions and the payment of the flight attendants. The staff of the budget airline Eurowings will not be to the Lufthansa Fares paid, but worse remuneration.

In September, had already organized the competition trade Union Verdi, a warning strike of cabin crew at Eurowings Germany, in consequence of eight flights were. Verdi and UFO to compete in operation with each other.

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