Friday, October 7, 2016

First Sunday back to normal flight program: Tuifly sweeps for Saturday 118 flights – FOCUS Online

Friday, 07.10.2016, 19:12
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informed How to Tuifly on Friday evening, will be deleted on Saturday 118 flights. The group has, however, announced that as of Sunday, be back to full flight program.

In a statement the group said: “Tuifly works with high pressure, starting on Sunday again for a full flight program. Expected to be 115 flights will start. Even if it can come out on Sunday to delays, the airline, the flight plan will shortly be running stable again, and with the usual reliability.”

“operational” had to cancel for reasons the group, however, for Saturday, “large parts of the flight programme”. 118 of flights are affected. In Parallel, Tui organize for the Saturday again additional flights. The latest information on which flights to take place, nevertheless, you will find on the page of Tuifly.

it Continues: “TUI is currently all affected customers, the morning (8. October 2016) TUI fly in the holidays want to start. All TUI customers in the holiday regions will be informed about the guide and on-the-spot supplies. Additional staff to the TUI airport stations to return at the end of the flight guests.” For customers in Germany, there is a free Service-Hotline: 0800 9006090.

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Before the announcement on the evening of the trip the group had articulated, and was contrary to the demands of the workers with a minimum of three years of location and tariff guarantee. In addition, a decision on the proposed reorganisation was postponed from the end of September to mid-November, in order to give more time to the search for viable alternative proposals. Detlef Ahting, as a representative of the trade Union Verdi at the Mediation meeting, called the found solution is a good basis. The conversations of the next few weeks should reveal whether she was resilient.

a week Ago it was reported that Tuifly will be integrated into a new umbrella holding company, under the leadership of Etihad. Employee representatives fear Job losses. Since then, the collective result in sickness of the crews, flight cancellations and massive delays. Tuifly is now dependent on you come back to the service.

the lower Saxony Minister of Economics, Olaf Lies (SPD) spoke of a good Signal and called in addition to a front view, a reappraisal of the past tensions. “The aim of a solution,” he said, “in the all in the affirmative can nod.”

Video: It’s happening now! What’s really behind the mutiny at Tuifly

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