Thursday, October 20, 2016

Eurowings-strike could last, warns Ufo Board Baublies – MIRROR ONLINE

The Anger about mass flight cancellations during the holiday airline TUIfly is just full of smoke, as Chaos threatens again at the airports. The cabin Union Ufo will call by the next Monday, to its members at Lufthansa’s low-cost subsidiary eurowings to temporary strikes. In an interview with the MIRROR Ufo-collective Board of Directors Nicoley Baublies, 43, tells why an agreement failed and why the recusal long it could take.

To the Person

  • Nicoley Baublies, is since 2012 head of the flight attendants ‘ Union Ufo. After studying English and political science Baublies, first worked in an Internet Agency. In 2004, he moved to Lufthansa and rose quickly to the cabin chief.

MIRROR: According to the collective agreement for the Lufthansa on-Board staff in the summer, striking at once the colleagues at the subsidiary, Eurowings. You can understand that the customers are mad?

Baublies: Yes, but what we are experiencing now is just a continuation of the conflict. Euro wings was already in the July issue. The management no longer intends to hold to the former appointments.

MIRROR: What exactly was the Problem ?

Baublies: Euro wings is growing, especially abroad, in Vienna and Palma de Mallorca. In Germany, however, jobs will be lost. The employees scares. Therefore, we have firstly tried in the agreement, a total solution. Which is now finally failed.

MIRROR: And now a strike?

Baublies: From our point of view, Yes: We have done Everything to reach an overall compromise, unfortunately, in vain. Therefore, we must now try to achieve very specific questions, an agreement. So the colleagues at Euro wings, for example, have a right to get the same benefits, there are also everywhere else in the group. Even if all our demands, the salaries are still not more expensive than other similar offshoots of the group.

MIRROR: Why a switch is not again the former Brandenburg Minister-President Matthias Platzeck as a mediator?

Baublies: At us it is not. The Euro wings-leadership withdrew their own proposal of a mediation on Wednesday, surprisingly. You want to appear to be no peaceful solution. The behavior of management can only be interpreted in a way that you want to have no agreement at all, but a blank ticket for fare evasion abroad.

MIRROR: does it Bother you that you are allowed to strike for legal reasons, only a sub-fleet of around two dozen aircraft ?

Baublies: let’s Wait and see. Other offshoots of the Eurowings group for woodworm has got into negotiations. We can not exclude that the negotiations fail. Guests should inform yourself before departure in any case.

MIRROR: argues, is The business line, without favourable conditions of work eurowings could not compete with Ryanair or Easyjet.

Baublies: that is Why we have made concessions, specifically for future employees. But the Eurowings leadership has buried the topic with the note that they wanted to build in Germany, no additional staff, and even shrink.

MIRROR:, such As <'s next? /p>

Baublies: This is a long process. At the end we will end up inevitably back to the negotiating table.


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