Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Ebay is forecasting a weak Christmas business – MIRROR ONLINE

increased The turnover is surprisingly clear, but investors are disappointed: Ebay looks just behavior on the coming quarter – in spite of the upcoming Christmas business. The stock crashed.

The Online trading platform, Ebay has investors disappointed after a good quarter with his Outlook on the Christmas business. In the third quarter, sales rose compared with the previous year to surprisingly strong 5.6 percent to $ 2.2 billion, the company said.

Also, the profit was despite a decline of 539 413 million dollars better than expected. Excluding special items, amounted per share to 45 cents, still more than the 44 cents in the prediction of the experts.

On the market, the quarterly report was still bad. The stock crashed in after-hours U.S. trading at times of over eight percent. Reason, a subdued forecast for the current fourth quarter.

The company noted revenue was 2.36 and 2.41 billion Dollar, and adjusted earnings per share to be between 52 and 54 cents. In this case, the Christmas business at the year end is traditionally for start-up. Wall Street had hoped for a more optimistic Outlook.

Ebay has to cope with the secession of the payment service PayPal. The company does this with a redesign of the website and focuses on a small seller.


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