Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Controversial trade agreement EU-Canada: Ceta opponents to hope … – daily mirror

In summary proceedings before the Federal constitutional court, the opponents of Ceta on Wednesday that the free trade agreement between the EU and stop with Canada on the last meters to try. The plaintiffs want the judges to oblige the Federal government, with the decisive votes in the EU Council of Ministers on 18. To vote in October, with no. Otherwise, it would be signed the agreement at the end of the month and after the approval of the EU Parliament already in force.

German economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) has warned the Federal constitutional court against a Failure of the Ceta. The damage for the European Union and Germany would be huge, he said at the hearing. “I can’t imagine what this could mean for Europe.” In the world then no one would have more confidence in the Contracting ability of Germany and the EU.

in the opinion of the plaintiff are created for Ceta facts, even before the Bundestag and the parliaments of the other EU member States have agreed. “The Federal government and the EU have written from the beginning to the flags, this agreement to enforce, even against the will of the citizens. And the will to go through with it," said left party Deputy, Klaus Ernst, the German press Agency in Karlsruhe, Germany. The Left deputies in the Bundestag fight back with a constitutional complaint, and a body suit.

The Second Senate under the court’s President, Andreas Voßkuhle will directly advise the after the hearing on the Urgency and on Thursday at 10.00 pronounce his judgment. The judges of the constitutional court to clarify first of all whether the provisional application of Ceta irreparable prejudice would be caused. The Individual will be negotiated on a total of five lawsuits later, unless the court explained to you directly to be inadmissible or manifestly unfounded. (Az. 2 BvR 1368/16, etc.)

vosskuhle said at the beginning that Ceta “is a very complex agreement”. The legal questions would be resolved finally, can only be a later stage in the proceedings on the merits. In summary proceedings, a strict standard had to be created. Especially when it comes to a measure with international law and foreign policy implications. The question of whether the Federal Republic could terminate the provisional application after a final decision of the Federal constitutional court against Ceta.

The consumer organization Foodwatch has mobilized with the Clubs Campact and More democracy, more than 125,000 Mitkläger. Never before have so many citizens have complained together in Karlsruhe. “The provisional application of the final facts are established,” said Foodwatch Director Thilo Bode. So such a decision would transfer powers to insufficiently legitimised committees, whose decisions were not reversed.

Opposition to oppose Ceta

Green and Left the Federal government have not called to ignore the concerns of many citizens against Ceta longer. “The Federal government needs to take the massive protests to the knowledge of and, even if the mass fails, the complaint before the Federal constitutional court, Ceta does not agree,” said the Left-Boss Katja Kipping of the editors ‘ network of Germany.

Green party leader, Anton Hofreiter said: “Ceta will accelerate the globalization, to regulate instead of reasonable. The should say the Federal government is finally clear and draw a line under it.”

The Ceta opponents see the environmental and consumer protection in the EU is in danger. The Federal government is hoping that the commercial space with almost no duties, economic impulses and new markets.

On 18. October to accept all the EU member States, the Text on a meeting of the Council. Ceta, then to 27 on. October be signed at the EU-Canada summit. a (dpa, AFP)

70,000 people have demonstrated in Berlin against TTIP and Ceta.

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