Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Ceta – the EU postponed a decision on the free trade agreement Ceta Süddeutsche.de


  • The EU trade Ministers have postponed the decision on the Ceta agreement with Canada.
  • reason for this are mainly the Belgian resistance and concerns from Bulgaria and Romania.
  • The EU Commission aims to have up to the EU-Canada summit on may 27. October, all EU member States sign the agreement.

adjourned, The European Union has the final decision on the conclusion of the free trade agreement with Canada (Ceta). In the case of a Minister of Commerce could not be all of the concerns of member States, resolved to meet in Luxembourg. After the Belgian Region of Wallonia had positioned itself against Ceta, was not able to Belgium to accept the agreement. Bulgaria and Romania still have reservations. They demand from Canada, the assurance of a full Visa liberalization for its citizens.

Already in the morning, it was clear that it would not possibly come to an agreement. EU trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström said it was “a unanimous decision” before signing is necessary and you do not assume that it will be on Tuesday. However, it is still time for an agreement before canadian Prime Justin Trudeau is expected next week to sign the agreement in Brussels, Malmström.

Up to 27. October should have signed all of the EU member States

Europe’s trade Ministers would have to make on Tuesday in Luxembourg, actually already the way for the signing of the agreement with Canada. Parts of it, the only fall in the EU competence, would then be able to be provisionally in force. Only after all national parliaments would decide the final Ceta.

The EU Commission aims to have up to the EU-Canada summit on may 27. October, all EU member States to the agreement agree. The EU countries hope to of the since 2009, negotiated a Pact to boost trade and growth through the removal of customs duties and uniform Standards.

In Germany declined in the past few months, hundreds of thousands against Ceta on the road – from concern about a reduction in environmental and social standards, and to the great Power of corporations. The Federal constitutional court made last week, subject to conditions, the way for the German government approval.

German economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel was on Tuesday confident of the free trade agreement. “I do not believe that the agreement may fail,” he said. Trade Commissioner Malmström hopes that the outstanding issues will soon be clarified. They feared negative consequences for the international role of Europe in the case of a Failure of the Ceta. “That would be a very difficult Situation,” she said. If the EU can’t do, once again, to close with a country like Canada, an agreement that is going to ask the Rest of the world, “whether Europe is a reliable Partner”.

Canada Europe and the partner of your dreams

Probably there will be never again an agreement on the concerns of the Europeans takes account of how Ceta. It is truly a social-democratic agreements. By Nicholas Piper more …


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