Saturday, October 8, 2016

A gasoline – and Diesel-ban? – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Exhaust gases flow from the exhaust of a vehicle with a diesel engine.

Future gasoline and diesel cars to drive through Germany. The Federal Council decided on Friday, according to the magazine “der Spiegel”. Both the SPD and Union-governed countries are in favour of a prohibition, starting in the year 2030. In the decision, the EU Commission, “the current tax practices of the member States on their effectiveness in terms of promoting zero-emission mobility to evaluate… so that by year 2030, throughout the Union, only emission-free Cars will be admitted”; i.e., it is in the mirror.

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The decision goes back to an Initiative of the Green . You want to bring the electric mobility and have recently proposed that by the year 2030, no cars with petrol or diesel engines more new to allow. So, an application for the Green Federal Congress was in November in Münster. “More and more cars in the world are one of the greatest threats to the climate and to human health,” it said in the paper of the Federal Board. This is a necessary “traffic turnaround” is also in the interest of the automotive industry, emphasize the Green. “The automotive industry only has a future if it develops vehicles that are clean and quiet, and no CO2 cause.”

of fine dust in German cities Down with the flue gases

In many cities exceeded the permissible values for nitrogen oxides and particulate matter. Court rulings force the cities to Act. Driving bans for diesel vehicles? More By Rüdiger, they Stuttgart

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driving report Mini Clubman submit used to be less Tinsel

The Clubman in size and Glamour. If you are looking for a bold combination, at each corner, is happy with him. Anyone looking for a Mini, rubbing its eyes in astonishment. More By Holger Appel

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