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iPhone Group – Apple CEO announces billion-tax payment in the United States – Sü

  • After the historical control decision in Europe promises to Apple CEO Tim Cook multibillion payments -. But in the US
  • Until now Cook stressed that he considers the American taxes are too high and therefore a exclude such a step.

Apple has the EU Commission’s decision sharply rejected. The iPhone Group must pay extra 13 billion euros in taxes in Ireland, Brussels decided. “That makes me mad,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook – and announced a startling step of: His group will 2017 tax apparently pay billions of dollars in the US, Cook said in an interview with Irish radio station RTÉ

<. p> Apple currently has invested nearly 170 billion in long-dated securities. The sum is so high, analysts estimate because Apple in this way the gains from recent years Parks which has been taxed low. The many billions are abroad, out of reach of the American tax authorities. Would Apple bring the money to the US tax of about 40 percent would be due, or about $ 68 billion


Söder arises in the tax dispute behind Apple

From the billion penalty against Apple could also Germany get some of, the European Commission. The Minister sees it differently. From Bastian Brinkmann and Wolfgang Wittl more …

so far, Cook has strictly ruled out, so much to pay. He rejects the relevant US tax laws. “At 40 percent, we will not return the money – only if the amount is fair,” he had until mid-August, the Washington Post said. Now Cook sounds very different. “I now predict that the repatriation take place next year,” the Apple CEO. The group has “several billion dollars provided for payments in the US,” he said

Open lets Tim Cook, he nevertheless makes a US tax reform as a condition -. And how it should look. Speaking to the Washington Post two weeks ago he had appeared hopeful that there would be a reform after the elections in the US. “I think there is a broad consensus in both parties,” he said. “Everyone is in agreement that the current system does not work. So I am optimistic that there will be 2017 some form of tax reform for the company.”

If other states collect more taxes from Apple, reduces the the amount which is to go to Ireland. That had informed the European Commission. Dublin could therefore get less money if Apple pays actually more in the US. Germany is not expected to benefit from the EUR 13 billion. Responsible is the Bavarian Ministry of Finance, because the German Apple GmbH seated in Munich. The Ministry excludes tax payments from Apple after an initial examination. “As things stand, it is unlikely that Germany will have higher tax revenues due to the EU Commission’s decision”, according to the Ministry with.

Donald Trump, the Republican candidate, has proposed a tax reform that Cook like could. He wants corporations must pay tax on their offshore assets by ten percent if they bring it to the US. That could at Apple ie the sum of $ 17 billion respectively. Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate, stressed in its election manifesto that “large corporations their fair share” would have to pay. American media speculate, but that it could be a compromise in the case of an election victory open.

In 2004 there were in the United States already has a one-time discount for groups, brought the money from tax havens into the country. They had to pay on the profits only five percent. There were certain constraints which should encourage jobs and investment. An investigation report of the US Congress came years later to the conclusion that the program did not work (PDF). There had been a “failure”, the expectations have not been fulfilled


why Ireland has no penalty for Apple Conning pay

Suddenly the country is to receive 13 billion euros in taxes more – and do not want the money. As it is now in the historical tax dispute continues. Questions and Answers Bastian Brinkmann more …


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