Tuesday, August 16, 2016

VW scandal in news ticker: Volkswagen threatened because exhaust scandal criminal … – ABC Online

Updated Tuesday, 08.16.2016, 08:37
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VW manipulated world measurement data at eleven million vehicles in Germany alone, the Group must recall 2.4 million diesel cars. The leadership of the group knew well before the manipulations in the United States, as initially added.

Tuesday, August 15 2:33 : on Volkswagen comes in the US next multibillion-dollar compensation payments may also be a criminal to, at the end of a heavy fine could be. Investigators prosecutors and the US Justice Department had sufficient accumulated evidence that VW was guilty of tampering with the exhaust emissions of a “criminal misconduct” reported that “Wall Street Journal” on Monday (local time). This determination results could lead to a criminal charge and “significant financial penalties”.

Justice and businesses in the United States wanted the report do not comment at first. The VW group said only that he was “trying to regain the confidence of our customers, dealers, which regulators and the American public”. A spokesman for the Justice Department in Washington declined any comment.

According to the “Wall Street Journal” are VW and the Justice Department already in talks about a possible criminal case. The judiciary had not yet decided on what charges would they rise exactly in such a process. Moreover, had not yet decided whether to ask of VW an admission of guilt in a formal criminal or a deal offering at the end of the action against restrictions and penalties could be dropped.

VW had in September 2015 to pressure the US authorities admitted to having built an illegal software in around eleven million diesel vehicles of different brands of the Group. The program reduces the emission of harmful nitrogen oxides on standardized tests.

Volkswagen has already taken a number of agreements with US authorities to deal with the scandal. In June, the Group had agreed to pay in the US to deal with almost 15 billion dollars (13.5 billion euros), much of it for compensation of affected customers. Costs for criminal proceedings therein are not included.

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