Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Exhaust scandal: US Justice threatens Volkswagen with record fine – Handelsblatt

Volkswagen in USA

Maybe coming in the US, a criminal case on Volkswagen to

(Photo: AP).

Washington Volkswagen is in the US to the next hurdle to settle the gas scandal. After billions in comparison to compensate the customer for engineered diesel engines Wolfsburg now led initial discussions about possible penalties, as two familiar with the operation People Reuters said. Representatives of VW have negotiated in the capital Washington with officials from the Ministry of Justice about a settlement of the criminal investigation. The “Wall Street Journal” reported that the German carmaker would be aufgebrummt a sentence of more than 1.2 billion dollars.

Volkswagen said nothing about a possible penalty. The Group is striving to regain the trust of customers, suppliers, regulators and the American public. VW cooperating with the authorities. The talks would continue in order to address remaining issues.

Analysts believe it is likely that Volkswagen must pay for his manipulation of the exhaust emissions of diesel engines in the United States a record fine. “It is expected that it is more than that which had to pay Toyota,” said Frank Schwope of NordLB. The Japanese world market leader Toyota had done the previous highest penalty of a car manufacturer in the United States of $ 1.2 billion for clamping accelerators. Industry expert Arndt Ellinghorst of Evercore ISI is based on a sentence for VW between one and three billion euros.

A settlement of a criminal investigation could be achieved by way of a possible under US law consensus agreement without admission of guilt by Reuters information , Such a compromise might include a monitoring group by an independent auditor in addition to a sensitive punishment. The US Justice Department declined to comment

Volkswagen plant in Emden . carmaker send thousands of employees working shorter hours

in the plant in Emden, Volkswagen model Passat finished. The Group several thousand employees sent there now in short-time working. If the forced break of the workforce in relation to the diesel scandal? more …

The scandal around for years manipulated exhaust emissions for diesel vehicles was busted in the US. The end of June reached with the US authorities compromise on the repurchase or repair of 475,000 diesel cars with 2.0 liter engines and investments in environmental fund covers the civil part of the dispute. It is up to $ 15.3 billion already the highest ever by a carmaker done in the United States reparation. Measured against this, experts believe that the settlement of a criminal investigation for VW is likely to be expensive.

Volkswagen had its provisions for further legal risks associated with the exhaust gas scandal recently by 1.6 billion euros to 17, 8 billion increased. Of this, a large part of the settlement with authorities and hundreds will be swallowed private plaintiffs in the US, for which the District Court in San Francisco has recently given provisional green light.


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