Saturday, August 13, 2016

Unister – finance broker to obscure deal with Unister remand – Sü

He is the ailing travel portal companies have cheated at a money transfer to millions. Now he sits in prison for absconding.

A financial broker who Leipziger the Internet companies Unister to have cheated with a financial business to a million sum, sits in custody. “There is a flight risk,” said the spokesman of the General Prosecutor Saxon, Wolfgang Klein.

For the deal to Unister boss Thomas Wagner have traveled in mid-July in his private plane to Venice. For a loan of 10 million euros, he is said to have passed 1.5 million euros in cash as insurance. The financial agent should have passed him in return a suitcase with mostly false Swiss francs. On the return trip Wagner, his company partner Oliver Schilling and two other people died in a plane crash over Slovenia killed.

Shortly after the accident had Unister Group, which operates dozens Internet portals, file for bankruptcy. Last of the preliminary insolvency administrator Lucas Flöther but he reported rising booking numbers on the Unister travel portals


The case Unister, a business thriller

fluctuating companies, a suitcase full of money and a deadly plane crash – like a success story one of the most enigmatic criminal cases in recent economic history was. By Klaus Ott and Uwe Ritzer more …


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