Sunday, August 14, 2016

Lufthansa and pilots break off talks – but no strikes – ABC Online

Saturday , 08.13.2016, 19:32
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In the trade dispute with Lufthansa the company and the pilots’ union VC who dropped out of talks without results.

air travelers would currently but fear no strikes, a spokesman for the Vereinigung cockpit (VC) said Saturday the German Press Agency. It had traded at preliminary talks and not to collective bargaining. The VC stand by its offer to keep Lufthansa competitive with concessions. A spokesman for the airline made it clear that Lufthansa was ready for further talks.

Both sides had “last in many respects closer, but then in some questions again apart,” said Lufthansa spokesman , “Lufthansa is still convinced that an agreement is possible, and will make every effort to resume talks with the Vereinigung Cockpit again.”


In a internal letter of VC-tariff Commission, which was present to the dpa, they said, however, that there would be no further talks. It was “first a hopeful rapprochement between us and the Lufthansa management” given. but now should be noted that “we in further talks can recognize no sense. (…) Whether the Lufthansa Group will be successful when each region pursuing only its own interests, and these are not centrally consolidated, is more than questionable. “

For several weeks cockpit and Lufthansa had behind closed doors negotiated. It addressed such issues as the transitional pension of 5,400 pilots at Lufthansa, Lufthansa Cargo and German Wings in the Group collective agreement, salaries and job security in times of cheap products.


One of the main points of contention was the transition supply of aircraft handlebar. Lufthansa wanted to achieve that pilots go later than currently in early retirement. To date, 60 percent of the basic salary in the individual case already with 55 years, early retirement was possible if all new entrants early retirees have a combined average age of 58 years.

Lufthansa had canceled the rules to the end of 2013 unilaterally. The conflict escalated thereafter. The wage agreement has been available since the spring of 2012 open.


Lufthansa pilots had into it 13 times temporarily stopped work in the conflict until the last late summer. A ruling by the Landesarbeitsgericht Hessen of being last pilot strike had been canceled at Lufthansa on 9 September.

The court ruled that the union had with their strike is also pursuing goals that do not reach when negotiating collective agreements could become. It was about criticism of the cost concept at Lufthansa subsidiary Euro Wings.


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