Thursday, August 18, 2016

Turbulence at VW: delivery stop brings Golf production to a standstill – ABC Online

Thursday, 08.18.2016, 21:34
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The supply stop a supplier forces the production of the model Volkswagen Golf at the Wolfsburg parent plant of the car manufacturer for several days in the knee. According to an internal memo VW has already informed its delivery partners about the imminent closure of the Golf production from 20 to 29 August. A VW spokesman confirmed the letter on Thursday.

As the billion-dollar Diesel scandal was not enough. The dispute with two suppliers, Volkswagen is in distress. The Group could short-time working login, the Golf production in Wolfsburg is soon still, the situation is far more than a nuisance for more than 20,000 workers in Germany. The background of the legal dispute are unclear. The consequences are dramatic – and not yet fully foreseeable. This affects the production of the important Golf and Passat models. The parent company of the two suppliers is the conglomerate Prevent. In English, that means precisely “prevent”.

Volkswagen gets this word meaning to feel now with all his strength. One of Prevent-daughters, the VW is in trouble since May heard only at the Group. The second was taken in November, 2015. This second company is the ES Automobilguss in Saxony Schönheide -. And here lies the currently biggest problem of VW away from the scandal over manipulated exhaust emissions

VW needs transmission parts and seat covers – but the supplier remains stubbornly

with less than 400 employees, the traditional foundry company also manufactures differential housing. According to information supplied to the operation not only VW, at least there are other known producers on the visible on the internet customer list. say Much does not want the company: “Our group is in a legal dispute with Volkswagen and is obliged in this context to confidentiality,” said CEO Alexander Gerstung. Prevent and Munich prosecutors the company initially did not respond to requests

There is some evidence that the so-called differential housing -. A casting – the trigger for the recent VW nightmare. 2014, the company ES Automobilguss had invested almost 4 million euros, part of it in “the installation and commissioning of a new processing unit for the mechanical finishing of differential cases the MQB 450 series from Volkswagen”, as stated in the last publicly available annual report of the company.

an end to the disputes is difficult to foresee

In court VW had been successful. Against the subsidiary, which supplies VW with seat covers, the carmaker already have an effective enforcement, a court spokesman said on Thursday. In the transmission part suppliers but that was different. There, the Landgericht Braunschweig indeed issued an injunction in favor of VW – but it Wolfsburg have first nothing

This is due to different process routes: When seat supplier, the Court negotiated orally and made a decision – is therefore in this case. only the appeal for appeals before the court of appeal. The transmission parts, it ran contrary initially without a hearing, which allowed a contradiction in this case. Therefore, there is now a hearing in late August, when the verdict is open. And no delivery is as long as expected – but possibly even longer if the decision does not bring the turn out of the court

If the supply system to vulnerable

Here are.? for a car manufacturer failures in the supply chain also under normal circumstances, a major problem. Parts would be delivered according to the “just in sequence” principle: This means that the components do not only come in time for the assembly in the production, but also in the correct sequence ( “Sequence”) of vehicles produced

How soon can VW organize alternatives?

That VW considering the dispute to such drastic measures as engages the reduced working hours, indicates that compensation for at least not to organize parts at short notice. VW holds back to details of the conflict. Affected are the Emden, the main plant in Wolfsburg, production in Zwickau and the transmission plant in Kassel. The affected transmission is inter alia installed in the Gulf, the most important model of Wolfsburg.

It is crucial how quickly can acquire VW alternatives. The Group does not want to comment on whether he ever already has more suppliers to hand in the affected part of the transmission. Fact: From this Saturday until the next Monday, so more than a week, the heart of the group is resting. In the Golf production at the Wolfsburg parent plant of the carmaker holds for days on the tapes, nothing works. Whether this also takes short-time work is still being clarified.

consequences for VW customers are still

How much customers will feel the dispute unclear, is still unclear and depends largely depends on how quickly the group found a solution. This also applies to the costs that accrue at VW.

Violent had last caught VW in terms of short-time work in early 2009. Back then throttled VW production in the works drastically and sent tens of thousands of employees in short-time working. Reason then was a dramatic slump in sales due to the global financial and economic crisis. Were affected at that time about 60,000 employees in the parent plant in Wolfsburg and in the factories in Emden, Hanover and Zwickau.

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