Thursday, August 18, 2016

Erich Sixt: Master-provocateur is afraid of Donald Trump – THE WORLD

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Master provocateur Sixt is afraid of Donald Trump

Erich Sixt has made his group known with provocative ads. Now he wants to attack on the US market and Trump had chosen as “victims”. But now he did not dare anymore.

     Erich Sixt has made his group known with provocative ads. Now he wants to attack on the US market and Trump had chosen as “victims”. But now he dares not more

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Erich Sixt, the head of Germany’s biggest car rental company. The company is expanding in the United States Photo: pa / Stephan Goerl / dpa

Erich Sixt loves provocation, at least in Europe. The head of Germany’s biggest car rental company has been in ads already Chancellor Angela Merkel with standing on end hair after a convertible ride or offered French President Francois Hollande, 2014 car with tinted windows, so he can unrecognized drive to a loved one.

Only Donald Trump as advertising motif, Sixt does not dare in its US expansion. It would Sixt US Republican presidential candidates used only to happy as advertising motif. On his desk is a lot Trump motifs piled, the CEO said at the presentation of the half-year figures.

Photo: picture-alliance / dpa Advertising with Angela Merkel Sixt much attention introduced

After talks with his US advocates and the question, “what could cost a Trump display when it is going against us,” but he had lost the desire. “Since our operating result would probably have been destroyed.” What would have been seen at the Trump ads, Sixt did not betray. In the US would therefore switched funny advertising as an alternative for provocative advertising with politicians or celebrities. About a Bavarian brass band.

Sixt admits that a Trump-advertising would have the car rental company provides a huge leap in awareness. Nevertheless, the well-functioning European concept of provocative advertising in the US was too risky.

Photo: picture alliance / Norbert Schmi Since advertising with Merkel Sixt holds to the concept. Here is an example with AFD Deputy Alexander Gauland

where Sixt North America provides a huge market for his company. In the long term he speaks of the potential of up to 1,000 stations – although there are currently only 63rd Next year, the US business should first complete operating in the black, announced the entrepreneur.

Ten years is the US business possibly even larger than the European sales. In addition to the rental business and the Taxi concept MyDriver could start in the US. 2017 may occur on a first test in New York. In the first half of the global export business was already greater than domestic sales.

Clinton and Trump attacking in choice spots

              The US election campaign is also marked by the election commercials of Clinton and Trump, in which they do regularly serious allegations. One of them lies clearly ahead in terms expenditure Source:.! The World

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