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Trouble with suppliers: lawsuit also applies VW’s main plant – NEWS



 Wednesday, 17 August 2016


 Because VW from a medium-sized supplier gets no more parts, tackle the carmaker in real trouble. But the trigger is no force majeure. The trader keeps its promises after a setback in court not a.



At Volkswagen a legal dispute with a parts supplier is so escalated that the consequences hit now the main plant in Wolfsburg. As a VW spokesman said, prevail in Wolfsburg production bottlenecks. In Emden Passat plant the situation is already so dramatic that 7200 VW employees to go on short time. Even the VW factory in Kassel is concerned.

Now the carmaker also checks “for parts of the production at the Wolfsburg increase the flexibility of working time ‘. This is usually the benefit of time accounts meant, or, as in Emden, possibly applying for short-time working. Details about these forthcoming “flexibilities” were initially unclear, as is information on the affected workforce, the car models or the presumed period of the bottlenecks.

Because he was only “some areas” the speech, seems to the problem in Wolfsburg individual assembly lines limited – unlike is the case in Emden. Wolfsburg produced the Golf, the Tiguan and Touran. The carmaker said the situation: “A supplier of Volkswagen has subjected the contracted supply of components resulting in a bottleneck in production..” VW have indeed an injunction that obliges suppliers to restart the supply. “This commitment, he is [but] so far not complied with. Since the development is not foreseeable at present, we check for parts of the production at the Wolfsburg increase the flexibility of working time”, said the spokesman with.

problems with two Saxon LLCs

background of factionalism that affect Europe’s biggest carmaker sensitive, is a dispute with a supplier. It involves both a GmbH from Plauen in Saxony, the textile and leather sells it for vehicle interior – about seat covers. On the other hand it is also about a cast of experts, also from Saxony, who sells it for auto transmission. This second GmbH under the umbrella of a group of companies with headquarters in Wolfsburg. On the part of these suppliers was first to get an opinion.

The problems met upholstery and finally paralyzed the factory in Emden. Now, the cast parts are missing for the transmission of that supplier, the one under the same parent company. A spokesman from the Landgericht Braunschweig explained on request that the injunction against the supplier as a result of a hearing took place. Thus an appeal to the Court of Appeal was possible, the deadline for this lies in a month. VW have made credible in court that the carmaker had the claims. Not even the findings of the supplier for its counterclaims could have done nothing to change.

What are agents such as penalties VW now still in his hand, was not to learn. It seems clear that this is part of VW is not likely to be a power play – because perhaps to suspend further subregions in other factories a whole work or soon, is for the carmaker a small disaster. On the other hand the situation, how vulnerable the automaker. VW has a by industry standards high manufacturing facilities, therefore makes quite a lot of in-house

“Economic Crime on the backs of workers’

Nevertheless. Without a good oiled chain with external partners is the whole structure Autobau quickly in massive trouble. This can be seen on other occasions, such as when the rail freight strike or central suppliers such as the airbag manufacturer Takata has quality problems and multiply recalls of cars so quickly in the hundreds of thousands.

The VW employee representatives found clear words for Location. Works Guido Mehlhop said: “The shortage of the material is more than annoying, especially when you know that the Landgericht Braunschweig is committed to suppliers already in the past week with an injunction to provide the parts according to the contract More about

From the perspective of the works, it is incomprehensible that a company which simply defies. Apparently, so trying to stage on the backs of employees a business thriller. “It would” as soon as possible “a solution here.” That would be the way also in the interests of the employees of the supplier. They are ultimately affected equally by the questionable business practices of the company as the colleagues at Volkswagen “, Mehlhop said.



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