in addition to the multi-billion dollar compensation figures in the US Volkswagen has perhaps even high pay fines related to a criminal case. As the newspaper Wall Street Journal reports, investigators prosecutors and the US Department of Justice to sufficiently evidence collected for that VW has been guilty of manipulation of the exhaust emissions of a “criminal misconduct”. This determination results could lead to a criminal charge and “significant financial penalties”, writes the newspaper. With reference to insider speaks the Wall Street Journal of a possible penalty of more than 1.2 billion dollars.

Neither Justice in the United States nor Volkswagen wanted to comment on the report. VW said only that the company is “trying to regain the confidence of our customers, dealers, the regulators and the American public”. A spokesman for the Justice Department in Washington declined any comment. According to the newspaper Volkswagen has already held initial talks with the Justice Department on an agreement in a criminal investigation.

VW had admitted in September 2015 to pressure from the US authorities to have built an illegal software in around eleven million diesel vehicles of different brands of the Group. The program reduces the emission of harmful nitrogen oxides on standardized tests. The scandal cost VW in the US more than 15 billion dollars. A District Court in San Francisco was last green light for this comparison with US authorities and hundreds private plaintiffs. More lawsuits from investors are still in the room.