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Counterfeit and secret Credit: Unister Chef Wagner was ready for anything – NEWS



 Monday, 15 August 2016


  From Hannes Vogel


 The mysterious death of Unister Chefs like a Hollywood thriller. Only now the full extent is known: Behind the scenes raged a violent power struggle. And to save his life’s work, Thomas Wagner was ready to break the law.



One month after the plane crash of Unister boss Thomas Wagner in Slovenia is the guesswork continues to his death. Confirmed so far is only the following: the middle of July flew Wagner in private with 1.5 million euros in cash to Venice to get fresh money for his bankrupt threatened Internet company operates the travel portals like and .

for banks Unister got at the time long ceased to credit. So Wagner left a on the shady deal of a man named Levi Vass, who had been posing as an Israeli diamond merchant. According to “Focus” Wagner was this victim of a so-called Rip Deals: In order to obtain a double-digit million credit, Wagner paid in a luxury hotel at Venice Airport at 1.5 million euros, as a kind of security. For this he should get paid in return 25 percent of the loan in cash in Swiss francs.

The money Wagner also received. but yet in Venice, he found that he had been palmed down to 10,000 francs counterfeits. Wagner filed a complaint with the Italian police. On the flight back to Germany his plane then crashed in Slovenia. The pilot, Wagner, co-partner Unister Oliver Schilling and Heinz B., who negotiated the dubious deal, died.

“On the Internet, it is not to find”

Piece by piece turns out since the crash of the background of an incredible economic Cops, which reads like a Hollywood thriller. Meanwhile examine the prosecutors in Leipzig and Dresden the case. Investigators have heard Wagner’s companion. With her Unister chief stood during the transaction by phone and via SMS in contact. What has so far penetrated about the mysterious death to the public, taught by Wagner, the image of a Wretched. One man who was ready for saving his life’s work to exceed the limits of legality.

Not only led Wagner illegally a million sum in cash with him. Long before his fateful journey he apparently knew, what he was doing. A Unister delegation should, according to “Handelsblatt” already the end of June on behalf of Wagner met at the Hotel Luisenhof in Hannover with the financial intermediary B. Heinz and other consultants to explore business with the Israeli diamond dealers. The men would but behave so strangely that Unister people broke off the meeting after only 25 minutes and writes the “Handelsblatt”. They kept the main provider of untrustworthy. And advised Wagner on the deal.

Most people would then probably left later than the fingers of the business. But Unister founder was apparently distressed. His life’s work stood before sinking. His company urgently needed money. Google and the Inland Revenue were Unister for unpaid invoices in the neck. Health insurance already pledged accounts. And a million credit insurance Hanse-Merkur ran out.

So Wagner had the dubious deal a. should have come to his doubts: The police warned long ago Rip Deals. The scam, which look rich sales commissions for their luxury villas and yachts or payments for millions of loans of alleged sheikhs and alleged Italian businessmen never has been known for years.

cause of the accident remains unclear

One the consultant from the Hanover Hotel described Wagner’s “lender” loud “Handelsblatt” as Levi Vass, an Israeli who was 30 years active in the global diamond business next involved in various casinos. “On the Internet, it is not to be found, which is not surprising given the discretion of its business,” it says in the email to Wagner.

Whether Wagner crash was truly an accident is unclear. Although no evidence of manipulation of Wagner’s aircraft are known to date. The elevator of the machine but is still wanted. On the flight the weather was bad. According to “Saxon newspaper” changed the pilot shortly after starting the course. He wanted to prevent icing, which could have threatened by strong cloud formation.

Whatever the cause is likely to be the supposed Israeli diamond dealer Wagner crash came over location. Not only Wagner, but most witnesses of Business are dead, including the promoter Heinz B. time for the manipulation of the machine there would have been: Wagner remained under “Handelsblatt” an extra night in Venice as planned because only an interpreter for his had to be found advert.

Wagner opponents knew

Before the imminent defeat raged at Unister a violent power struggle between Wagner and the co-founder Daniel Kirchhof. Together both had once built the company, but then quarreled. Kirchhof alleged, inter alia, Wagner would be monitored employees and shareholders of Unister with intelligence methods illegal. Wagner’s adversaries cemetery had early wind of the Venice-business, but it is not stopped.

More about

Just three days before departure Wagner held Reinhard Rade, a cemetery-confidant, according to “Handelsblatt” in a complaint Details about the dubious deal firmly. From the Venice trip Rade wants accidentally learned from a friend, the same business in the Hanover Luisenhof allegedly offered supposedly nearing Unister delegation. “I wanted this report to the authorities, so that Wagner is intercepted at the airport in Venice with the cash,” Rade protests against the “Handelsblatt”. But his message sent Rade never down – according to information because of an acute hospital stay. For cemetery showed his adversary Wagner immediately after the crash due to money laundering.

The deposit for Venice Deal Wagner appeared diverted and possibly taken illegally from the Unister checkout. The money is to come from the account of the little-known Unister daughter Holiday Reporter GmbH according to “Handelsblatt”. Over a long chain of loan agreements between various subsidiaries of Unister Group Wagner should have been moved to the account. Such transfers are generally not a problem. But if thus the access of creditors to be prevented, it can be a criminal offense. the money was disbursed according to “Handelsblatt” as private credit to Wagner. Even his own salary as CEO had Unister founders pledged to secure the withdrawal.



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