Friday, September 2, 2016

Samsung stops new smartphone to fire risk – ABC Online

Friday , 02.09.2016, 13:06
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smartphone market leader Samsung stops . worldwide sales of its new model Galaxy Note 7 risk of fire

Actually, the model should – be to have on Friday in Germany – in time for the fair IFA in Berlin. Two weeks after the start in a number of countries of the Korean Apple -Rivale the device must precaution withdraw from the market now but. Earlier reports of buyers over overheated and fused devices while charging already had the company alerted.

“We conducted intensive studies and found problems in the battery cell”, the technology company said on Friday in Seoul with. The head of the mobile division, Koh Dong Jin, apologized for the “battery-fires”. Samsung confirmed 35 such damage. As long as the delivery is now delayed, is not immediately known. In the afternoon, the company announced another press release, the presentation of the device at Samsung’s booth at IFA went on Friday but initially without modification on.


week before the presentation of the new generation iPhone from Apple, the global product recall for Samsung comes doubly inopportune. Analysts had estimated that the Group by year-end could still provide some 14 million note. 7 Now calculate the financial agency Bloomberg experts consulted only with up to 12 million pieces. In the second quarter, Samsung had sold 77 million smartphones, Apple more than 40 million iPhones.

But the problems could, in the opinion of analysts and a loss of image Samsung mean. “For customers who already have a Galaxy Note 7, we will replace in the next week their current device voluntarily by a new”, the company announced. The sale will be stopped. The safety of customers have absolute priority. “Samsung apologizes to all customers and users of the battery fires that occurred soon after the introduction of the new product,” Koh told reporters in Seoul.


Samsung had begun on August 19, with the delivery of the new model at home and abroad, including in China. in South Korea alone 400 000. units have been sold to date. According to reports the South Korean Yonhap news agency previously 1.5 million copies were sold worldwide and are available in stock. “The unexpected recall will surely irritate the buyer”, citing the financial news agency Bloomberg analysts Lee Seung Woo from investment firm IBK Securities in Seoul.

On Thursday, Samsung had given the Galaxy Note 7 problems and “additional, strict quality controls “announced. In some markets, there would be a delay in delivery, it said. Previously, there had been media reports that individual devices had exploded during loading or burst into flames.


to slow down the delivery of a new model for additional checks, is an unusual step for a large manufacturer such as Samsung Electronics, which is also the market leader in memory chips and televisions. In March Samsung had brought his two top models Galaxy S7 and S7 Galaxy Edge on the market. Thanks to the success of these models Samsung had recorded the highest profit in two years in the second quarter 2016th After interim earnings declines in the smartphone business, Samsung was so straight on the up again.

The Galaxy Note 7 has a slightly larger screen, an iris scanner for user recognition and a stylus.


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